Lindsey Brigham Knott Sep 18, 2017

Ponder-worthy wisdom from Edith Schaeffer's The Hidden Art of Homemaking:

You cannot expect to have a close relationship with a teenager who, after all, is still the same person as the two-year-old you stuck crying into bed, the three-year-old you spanked and shoved aside, the four-year-old you wouldn't listen to, the five-year-old you never shared beauty with, the six-year-old you found boring, or you 'trained' never to butt in, but never gave time to make a cosy and beautiful background out of which you could talk to him or her.

David Kern Jun 16, 2015
I used to hate mowing the lawn. Truly, I hated it. My allergies would spring up and slam into my face and laugh at me like some middle school bully whose greatest joy came in inflicting misery on unsuspecting and helpless victims. Plus there's that whole sun/heat/sweat/hard work factor. 
David Kern Nov 12, 2013

I woke to the smell of bacon and coffee, familiar and pleasant and full of the promise of a new adventure. Rolling out of my sheet, I tossed my legs to the floor and dragged my boots towards me with my right foot. I slipped into the jeans draped over the foot of the bed and put the boots on. A crooked, bent white hat hung from the bed post, a red and white flannel draped beneath it. I slung the hat cockeyed onto my matted hair and quickly buttoned the shirt. The gun, a fully loaded white handled revolver, rested under my pillow.