Christine Perrin Oct 3, 2013

We Grow Accustomed to the Dark
Emily Dickinson

We grow accustomed to the Dark –
When light is put away –
As when the Neighbor holds the Lamp
To witness her Goodbye –

A Moment — We uncertain step
For newness of the night –
Then — fit our Vision to the Dark –
And meet the Road — erect –

And so of larger — Darkness –
Those Evenings of the Brain –
When not a Moon disclose a sign –
Or Star — come out — within –

Joshua Leland Oct 2, 2013
I found an amazing book in my classroom recently–"The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Mythology." Despite the cheesy name, it really is a fairly comprehensive collection of mythologies from all around the world, and it has beautiful pictures to boot. My imagination was sparked when, beside a snapshot of an ancient Egyptian hieroglyph, I read the following caption: "Apep, the great serpent, lay in wait in the Egyptian underworld to ambush the sun god, who had to voyage through it each night ready to rise again.
Angelina Stanford Sep 10, 2012

Where did the concept of fantasy originate? For that matter where did the concept of fiction come from? Ancient man had sacred texts, but they certainly did not consider them “fantasy.”

According to Gene Veith, it was the Bible that made fantasy possible in the first place. While the Greeks emphasized imitation, the Bible emphasized creation. The universe is not an imitation but a creation out of nothing.  This concept helped to provide the conceptual basis for creating stories, fiction.

Angelina Stanford Sep 6, 2012

Another common objection of our day is that fairy stories and fairy tales in particular are scary and violent and are therefore unfit for children. 

Angelina Stanford Sep 4, 2012

There is no natural connection between the minds of children and fairy tales, states Tolkien.

Angelina Stanford Aug 31, 2012

This essay was presented as an essay at the 2011 CiRCE Conference. 

Andrew Seeley Apr 25, 2012
Tolkien's monogram, and Tolkien Estate trademark

Tolkien's monogram, and Tolkien Estate trademark (Photo credit: Wikipedia)