Eric Wearne Aug 13, 2015

Contrary to public opinion, teachers amenable to classical education do exist in typical public schools.  Local and state rules, accreditation, and teacher credentialing all act against those allies’ ability to provide their students with a classical education experience.  

David Kern Jun 26, 2014

We've known Dr. Anthony Esolen for quite some time, since he spoke at our 2008 conference in Houston, Texas. Noted author of 10 Ways to Destroy the Imagination of Your Child and Ironies of Faith, and translator of Dante's Divine Comedy, Dr. Esolen has long been a committed defender of the classics and of classical education. And in recent months he has turned his attention to the new Common Core standards which have quickly become so controversial and of which he vehemently disapproves.

Andrew Kern Mar 14, 2014

This article from Ed Week fascinates me. It contains quite a few good ideas, expressed very generally, and then ends with the whole implementation problem.

Here's an excerpt:

Brian Phillips Oct 9, 2013

Liana Heitlin of Education Week recently reported, “Nearly every teacher in the U.S. now knows about the Common Core State Standards, and 73 percent of math, English, science, and social studies teachers in states that have adopted them say they are enthusiastic about their implementation, according to a new survey.”  

Here is the accompanying graphic:

David Kern Oct 1, 2013

Our friend Martin Cothran is the author of Memoria Press’ Traditional Logic, Material Logic and Classical Rhetoric programs, and is an instructor of Latin, Logic, Rhetoric, and Classical Studies at Highlands Latin School. He currently serves as senior policy analyst with The Family Foundation of Kentucky. His articles has have appeared in the Cincinnati Enquirer, the Louisville Courier-Journal, and various other newspapers, as well as on radio and television.