Chuck Hicks Jun 30, 2014

The list of excellent volumes on U.S. history is endless, but here are five that speak to classical visions of order and/or the efficacy of the humane tradition.


A Better Guide Than Reason, by M.E. Bradford

David Kern Jan 24, 2014

We're a few weeks into the new year and if you're anything like me you're probably already overwhelmed with your resolutions. You might be asking yourself things like, "why did I think I could/would do that?" Or maybe, "That's cute that I wrote that down". Or even, "I should really add some more books to my annual reading list". Well if you asked that last question then you're in luck. 

Cindy Rollins Jan 16, 2014

I began the new year with one of those thumping good books that readers love to read: a book about reading books. Susan Hill’s Howard’s End Is on the Landing delighted me in every way. Her name dropping of authors and books, which, according to the reviews, either causes joy or annoyance, was just so fun. I kept being reminded of books I wanted to read and even more importantly those I have wanted/needed, to re-read.  

Andrew Kern Nov 4, 2013
Leigh Bortins and Classical Conversations demonstrate their commitment to the classical spirit by their continued growth in insight and discernment. Her new book, The Question, is a testimony to the wisdom that can be gained by somebody who takes what she knows, steps out in courage, and keeps learning every step of the way. Classical conversations will retain its leadership and influence in the Christian classical renewal because of their hunger to learn. 
Brian Phillips Aug 22, 2013

The following post is the next installment of our "starting the school year well" series. Listen to our podcast here, and read about going beyond the best of intentions here