Andrew Kern May 21, 2020

Years back I was hanging out with a group of libertarians who wanted to create a movement. They wanted a constitutional amendment that prohibited the government from being involved in education.

In effect, they wanted to outlaw public education because they believed that it destroyed American freedoms.

I think today that it was a charming idea, one that gets a certain temperament aroused to action, which is better than people just complaining.

Andrew Kern Apr 27, 2020

World War II was progressing in earnest 80 years ago this week, so I have been tracking it with short readings and a video series on YouTube.

Last summer, Germany took over Czechoslovakia without much of a shot fired, and in September, allied with Russia, they took over Poland. Over the last month or so, the Russians conquered Finland while the Germans spent a morning taking Denmark as an afterthought while they invaded Norway.

CiRCE Staff Nov 8, 2016

It's election day in these United States of America. After much speech-making and hand-wringing and soul-searching the day has come. We'll take to the polls and cast our respective votes for the next leader of the so-called Free World. This is a momentous occasion and a great responsibility. Years from now, centuries even, people will look back at our time and they will judge what happens today and in the coming months. History depends on what happens, one way or the other.