Study Shakespeare with Andrew Kern Online

Aug 28, 2015

Join Andrew Kern, President and Head Mentor of The CiRCE Institute, for a week-long online study of Hamlet - perhaps William Shakespeare's greatest masterpiece!  

Open to students, parents, and teachers  |   4:00 - 5:30 pm (EST) each day

As a participant, you will contemplate questions like . . .
  • Should Hamlet have sought revenge? 
  • Should Hamlet have trusted the ghost?
  • How does one survive a perfectly paranoid environment? 
  • Is Hamlet a hero? 
  • Is Hamlet's behavior justifiable? 
Details . . .
  • The course will cover one act each day/meeting
  • We can offer course completion certificates that can be included in transcripts
  • Open to both both students and adults

For more information or to find answers to questions, email Dr. Brian Phillips, our Academy Headmaster

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