Proverbial, Episode 16: Friends and Enemies

Feb 3, 2020

"He will not have true friends who is afraid of making enemies."

-William Hazlitt

In this episode, I describe the skepticism I felt toward the idea of having "personal enemies" in my 20s. I also explain why I quit that skepticism in my 30s. Elsewhere in the episode: a lengthy discussion of why the claim, "I married my best friend," rubs me the wrong way; why my wife makes me anxious; why it is good I am anxious. 

References to Aristotle, Jerry Seinfeld, and Lenny Belardo.  

Listen to the new episode here.

Joshua Gibbs

Joshua Gibbs

Joshua Gibbs is an author, lecturer, and teacher of classical literature at Veritas School in Richmond, Virginia. He is the author of How To Be Unlucky, Something They Will Not Forget, and Blasphemers. His wife is generous and his children are funny.

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