Angelina Stanford Jan 24, 2011

Before I begin part two of my discussion of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, I’d like to clarify some confusion from Part I

Angelina Stanford Nov 3, 2010

Few men have exerted the far-reaching influence of Jean-Jacques Rousseau. 

In the eighteenth century, a time when the influence of writers dominated, Rousseau was most influential.  From educational and parenting theory and moral relativism to the political theories of Marx, the rise of totalitarianism, and revolutions from France to Russia, almost every ill of the modern age can trace its philosophical and spiritual roots to the writings and life of Jean-Jacques Rousseau.  How’s that for a legacy?

David Kern Sep 17, 2010

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David M. Wright Mar 10, 2010

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Andrew Kern Dec 30, 2008

For the Progressive theorist, education is one great, extended experiment for which society is bound to pay. Here in America the progressive experiments (it would not be just to call it a single experiment) have continued for nearly 100 years, during which the inevitable resistance and the internal contradictions of progressive theory have convinced many that the assumptions of Progressive education need to be re-examined.

Yet, because Progressivism is an on-going experiment, there is no end in sight.