Andrew Kern Jun 23, 2012

The harder the reformers try, the worse they make the American school. Why can’t they get it right? Their errors are so fundamental that only a complete rebooting will help.

Conventional education is based on three principles and one application. 1. There is no truth 2. If there is Truth, you can' t know it 3. If you could know Truth, you couldn't communicate it. 4. Therefore, there is no point teaching children how to seek truth and wisdom, only power.

Andrew Seeley Apr 25, 2012
Tolkien's monogram, and Tolkien Estate trademark

Tolkien's monogram, and Tolkien Estate trademark (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cindy Rollins Jan 10, 2012

In 2006 I attended my first Circe Conference in Memphis, TN. It was called A Contemplation of Knowledge. I expected the conference to inspire me to work harder and to rebuke me for not trying hard enough, as most conferences do. I knew I was failing as a homeschool mom and I just needed a bit of turbo boost to fail harder. You see, for the 20 years prior to the conference I had educated my children using ideas I read in Susan Schaeffer Macaulay’s For the Children's Sake and The Original Charlotte Mason Homeschooling Series.

David M. Wright Sep 5, 2011
Andrew Kern May 14, 2011

Does your classroom begin with the assumption of conflict? Do you assume that your goals and your students' goals are working against each other.

To begin with this assumption may seem sensible and even practical, but it is also wrong. Consequently, it interferes with effective instruction.

Brett McCracken Jan 31, 2011
I’m often asked: Does being a film critic ruin the pleasure of watching movies for you? Are you so focused on analyzing or deconstructing a film while you are watching it that you can’t simply enjoy it?
Angelina Stanford Jan 24, 2011

Before I begin part two of my discussion of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, I’d like to clarify some confusion from Part I

Angelina Stanford Nov 3, 2010

Few men have exerted the far-reaching influence of Jean-Jacques Rousseau. 

In the eighteenth century, a time when the influence of writers dominated, Rousseau was most influential.  From educational and parenting theory and moral relativism to the political theories of Marx, the rise of totalitarianism, and revolutions from France to Russia, almost every ill of the modern age can trace its philosophical and spiritual roots to the writings and life of Jean-Jacques Rousseau.  How’s that for a legacy?

David Kern Sep 17, 2010

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David M. Wright Mar 10, 2010

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