Cindy Rollins Feb 15, 2013

I  named my blog Ordo Amoris. My husband tells me it is a bit ridiculous and sometimes when I find myself repeating the title to a stranger I see what he means. But I love the name anyway. Those two little words represent everything I believe about education and even when I am talking to a stranger it doesn’t take me too long to explain.

Ordo sounds like ‘order’ and Amoris comes from the Latin word for love therefore Ordo Amoris is the ordering of the loves or affections. But you already knew that.

Brian Phillips Feb 8, 2013


There are, we generally believe, “math people” and “non-math people” – or to put a finer point on it, there are math people and there are “humanities people”.  The math people enjoy equations, technology, pocket protectors, and comic book conventions. The humanities people attend Renaissance festivals, enjoy Shakespearean insults, despise popular books, and often lurk in coffeehouses. At least, those are a few of the stereotypes.

Andrew Kern Feb 6, 2013

The only thing that can tempt us from God is a gift He has given us. Eve was tempted by a good fruit that God had made and took the fruit over the eternal giver of gifts. After that it became difficult to distinguish the gift from the temptation because our eyes were blinded.

Cathy Rape Feb 5, 2013

Feb 4, 2013


Andrew Kern Feb 1, 2013

The problem, you see, is that we do it in school. That warps our thinking. Socrates used to do it in the Agora, the market place, or, perhaps better, the public gathering place. Granted the Greeks had gymnasia, but that was only a portion. The ancient Hebrews did it on the way, in the temple, in their homes. The Romans might have had something approximating a school, but it would have been small.

With the rise of the 20th century factory school, our norms and expectations were severed from reality.

Andrew Kern Jan 31, 2013

Confession time: when I return from trips I am tired and grumpy and don't feel like doing anything.

David Kern Jan 29, 2013

As Christian classical educators we are all very passionate about what we do.

We believe in it – in the Truth, Goodness, and Beauty of it all - and we want people to see what we see, to believe in it as we do.

Andrew Kern Jan 28, 2013

To become a great Christian classical teacher it is not enough to master a technique.

Instead we must receive the rain of wisdom from every source whatsoever, sometimes being reminded of something we must or might do, sometimes apprehending more firmly something we have begun to grasp, sometimes being reminded of something worth remembering.

Thus each day, receiving the grace of transformation presented by Him who is the giver of all good gifts, we become ever so slightly wiser than we were the day before.

Angelina Stanford Jan 14, 2013

Les Misérables (musical)

Les Misérables (musical) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)