CiRCE Staff Jun 6, 2014

You have questions. He has answers. Send us your questions about classical education for Dr. Chris Perrin of Classical Academic Press and on June 17th we will record a video conversation in which Dr. Perrin responds to a selected number of those questions. We will then post that video here on our website's media library. 

Please send your questions in the comment section below. 


CiRCE Staff May 30, 2014

Around here the summer time is an incredibly busy season. We're on the road a lot visiting schools, speaking at events, and generally trying to keep on. 

Thanks to you - our friends and like minded fellow soujourners - we can keep on explaining why classical education matters today more than ever and we can keep on seeking a deeper understanding of it. Thanks to you we can keep on cultivating wisdom and virtue. 

But we need your financial support to do this well. 

CiRCE Staff Feb 18, 2014

The CiRCE Summer Institute is one of our newest events but it's fast becoming one of our favorites. Truth is, it's hard to beat the kind of discussion, camaraderie, and community that comes with small group discussion of a great book in a beautiful setting. We wish everyone could come, but that would defeat the purpose of a small group retreat. That's why we limit attendance to just fifteen seats. 

Cathy Rape Feb 12, 2014

As a recent graduate of the CiRCE Apprenticeship, I’m exceedingly grateful to have received the tools with which I can truly nurture the souls of my students with confidence. I can't overstate the value of having been part of a community of fellow educators engaged in ongoing conversations about the nature and art of teaching.  Its now my privilege to be part of the work of extending this opportunity to others.