CiRCE Staff Mar 24, 2015

And then there were eight. 

After two rounds of voting, together we have have eliminated twenty-four of Shakespeare's plays and we're down to only Hamlet, Twelfth Night, King Lear, Henry V, The Tempest, Much Ado About Nothing, Macbeth, and A Midsummer Night's Dream

Vote now in the round 3 as we eliminate four more plays. Click here to see the updated bracket. 

CiRCE Staff Mar 17, 2015

While round one of our Bard Madness literature bracket didn't provide a lot of suspense, round two promises to be a doozy. 

The first sixteen matchups went mostly chalk (that is, the higher seeds won) in dominant fashion, but in round 2 we have matchups like these to vote on: 

CiRCE Staff Feb 18, 2015

Along with our friends at Classical Conversations we're excited to announce our 2015 Lost Tools of Writing essay contest!

For students ages 12-18, this contest is an ideal opportunity for your students to practice (and show) what they've learned this year, with the chance of winning a cash prize too.

Cindy Rollins Jan 26, 2015

For Teachers and Parents:

Often after we help our students begin their lifelong pursuit of learning , we find that after high school our options for continuing a classical education are limited. CiRCE has showcased many fine options for student’s graduating from high school including several classical colleges and John Hodges’ delightful gap year program The Center for Western Studies.  

Cathy Rape Jan 23, 2015

Dear Fellow Classical Educator,

The noblest aim of Christian Classical Education is to cultivate wisdom and virtue in students. In order equip teachers to this end, The CiRCE Institute mentors teachers in the art of classical instruction. As you consider ways to develop excellence in your teaching, we invite you to discover the CiRCE Apprenticeship.

CiRCE Staff Dec 10, 2014

The day is near. The excitement is building. The retooled, redesigned, reinforced 5th edition of the Lost Tools of Writing will soon be here! What, you thought I was talking about Christmas?

To celebrate the forthcoming launch of this new edition we're hosting our first ever LTW Photography Contest (we trademarked that name so don't steal it!). 

Here's how it works: 

Leah Lutz Oct 29, 2014

Recovering the lost tools of writing has not been a simple, straight line. Andrew Kern and the CiRCE Institute have poured years of study, teaching, conversation, and close examination into our passion to help you and your students know, understand, and use the timeless tools of Rhetoric and persuasive writing.  

Graeme Pitman Aug 7, 2014

You have questions.

Graeme Pitman Aug 6, 2014

Graeme Pitman Jun 17, 2014

You voted and the winner is...The ODYSSEY!!

By a 60% majority, Homer's epic managed to claim the title on the final day. 

Click here to see the completed bracket.

Thanks for playing, everyone!