David Kern Apr 8, 2015

There are some obvious choices, of course: The Hamlets and Beatrices and Falstaffs and Prosperos. And you wouldn't be wrong to choose any of these. But there are also many wonderful characters who are lesser known or are secondary characters. 

What about you, who is your favorite Shakespeare character? 

CiRCE Staff Apr 1, 2015

Hercules. Theseus. Jason. Odysseus. Zeus. Aeneas. Athena. These were some of the names mentioned here in CiRCE HQ. 

What about you? Who are your favorite mythological characters? 

David Kern Mar 25, 2015

Teaching is hard, in and of itself, but teaching a truly Great Book is another beast altogether. Issues of translation and interpretation; dis-interested students; and, of course, the various complexities of great literature can join forces to make for quite the classroom challenge (regardless of your teaching setting). 

Here at CiRCE HQ the consensus is that Beowulf is one of the hardest works of literature to teach. What about you? 

Which Great Book was most challenging to teach? 

David Kern Mar 18, 2015

Here in CiRCE HQ some of our favorite female literary characters include Elizabeth Bennett, Anne of Green Gables, Miss Marple, Penelope, and Hannah Coulter. 

What about you? For this week's question of week, we want to know who your favorite literary heroines are. Let us know in the comment belows or over on our Facebook page. 

David Kern Mar 11, 2015

Some of our questions of the week are specifically related to education, to the practice of teaching or the various things that teachers might experience. Others are more general. This week's falls into the latter category. 

This week's question of the week is the following: 

What historical figure most inspires you, and why? 

David Kern Mar 4, 2015

Teaching isn't easy. It's physically taxing and emotionally draining and the long hours and longer years mean that we can't do it alone. We need people help us: to push and inspire and motivate us. To help us continue our own education. To appropriate the popular colloqualism, behind every great teacher is a wise mentor. 

So this week's question of the week is: who most influenced the way you teach?

Who are the most influential mentors, teachers, partners, and confidants in your teaching life? 

David Kern Feb 24, 2015

We classical educators are well known for our love of books. Whether it's the good old-fashioned hard cover book that smells like moth balls and winter sweaters or a brand-new e-reader that keeps our spouses up at night, we tend to consume literature of all kinds like children consume candy on Easter. Many of us consider our libraries to be our most prized possessions and take seriously who will receive our favorite books when we die. So we thought, why not bring back our Question of the Week feature with a nod to this affection for the written word.