Joshua Gibbs Nov 12, 2020

Parent: I have heard quite a lot about “piety” coming from the school recently. What is piety?

Gibbs: A dictionary is apt to tell you that a pious man is “devoutly religious,” which is not a bad definition, although I typically tell my students that piety refers to holy manners. Morality is what one man gives another, but piety is what a man gives to God alone.

Parent: Can you give an example?

Gibbs: I can give you three: prayer, fasting, and almsgiving.

Parent: That sounds very Catholic.

Joshua Gibbs Nov 8, 2020

Just a little more than a week after Sean Connery passed away, Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek went on to his great reward. The loss I felt upon hearing the news of Trebek’s passing came not only from the fact that I have watched the show since I was a boy, but because Jeopardy! is really the only game show which a professional intellectual, amateur intellectual, or wannabe intellectual like myself can truly get behind. What other game show could a teacher of classical literature endorse?

Joshua Gibbs Nov 5, 2020

What if Christmas is exactly what it claims to be? What if Christmas is nothing less than the birthday of Jesus Christ?

And what if Christmas does not need us? What if we need Christmas?

Modern men shudder at the thought.

Enlightened men want Christmas to be anything other than the birthday of Christ. They want Christmas to be a commercial racket, a Catholic superstition, a hollow symbol emptied of meaning centuries ago, an embarrassing relic of a purely hypothetical Christian envy of pagan holidays.


Joshua Gibbs Nov 3, 2020

Man was created to seek glory. He was created to love the glory of God and to mirror God’s glory through the pursuit of beauty, truth, goodness, and holiness. The glory of man is derived from God and the glory of God is underived. “Only God is good,” teaches Christ, which means the goodness of creation reveals God.

Joshua Gibbs Oct 28, 2020

Given the sorry state of American public schools, it is not surprising that many classical Christian schools use words like “excellence” and “mastery” to describe their goals for students. The school that aims to graduate students with “mastery” over their subjects will obviously not be content with seniors who have only attained an 8th grade reading level.

Joshua Gibbs Oct 22, 2020

Not every book is as easy to understand as Pride & Prejudice.

Joshua Gibbs Oct 15, 2020

Logic figures heavily into a classical Christian education and no small portion of informal logic books is concerned with the subject of authority; however, ever since the French Revolution, Christians have been profoundly confused on the nature of authority. While the “appeal to false authority” is a widely recognized logical fallacy, a good number of modern Christians have followed modern secularists in the belief that every claim of authority is false.

Joshua Gibbs Oct 6, 2020

Gibbs: I was hoping we could talk about the music you were playing in your classroom this morning.

Teacher: Of course.

Gibbs: Do you think it is appropriate to play that kind of music at a classical Christian school?

Teacher: I was playing Christian music.

Gibbs: You were playing pop Christian music.

Teacher: Why is it inappropriate to play Christian music at a Christian school?

Joshua Gibbs Sep 29, 2020

A tale of two teachers.

Vinegar. On the second day of class, Margot forgot her math book. Her teacher Miss Thomas realized this immediately and asked, “Margot, where is your book?” Margot said she had forgotten it. Miss Thomas said, “Well, try to remember it tomorrow,” and then told Margot’s partner to share with her.

Joshua Gibbs Sep 23, 2020

What I learned from John Milton, master psychologist.

Student: It’s one in the morning. I’m never going to commit all these formulas to memory.

Satan: That’s true.

Student: I’m going to fail the geometry test tomorrow.

Satan: That’s not necessarily true.

Student: What do you mean?

Satan: Just enter the formulas into your watch. During the test, check your watch if you need to.  

Student: But that would be cheating.