Jessica Burke

Jessica Burke lives in Greensboro, NC with her husband and their four children. As a family, the Burkes have traveled to more than 14 countries and have survived some adventures they won’t tell the grandparents about.  

Jessica Burke Dec 15, 2017

My six-year-old became increasingly indignant during the series of eight flights we took last month. The children were all especially interested in the safety presentation before takeoff, but whenever the flight attendants told adults to put on their oxygen masks before helping others, my daughter was agitated. “That’s so mean!” Her eyes narrowed, and she crossed her arms over her body. “How so?” I inquired. She glared at the flight attendant two rows in front of us. “Mothers should always put their children first!”

Jessica Burke Sep 15, 2017

Throughout the course of 2010, my family traveled from our home in Skopje, Macedonia and spent time in eight major European cities in seven different countries. That year my husband almost died, our two-year-old fell and suffered severe mouth trauma, and I gave birth in a developing country to our third child. The highs of that year were exhilarating, and the lows were terrifying.

Jessica Burke Apr 6, 2017

I too was a bad student. I was not the sort of bad student that would have gotten along with Josh Gibbs in high school, though. I was the sort of student who would have inwardly groaned if we had been placed together in a group for a project. I would have been shocked and disdained by his lack of concern over his schoolwork. I would have been so concerned with our grade that I would have done all of the work to prevent his slacking from affecting me.

Jessica Burke Mar 27, 2017

In 2013, I miscarried my fourth pregnancy. My grief was deep and long. I could speak no words as I cried. But I had just spent time studying and memorizing James 1, and my mind was flooded with those words hidden in my heart, bringing comfort to my bleeding soul. I knew that, though the pain was real, I was going to grow in perseverance because of the trial I was enduring. My faith was strengthened because of the words that I had spent time contemplating and memorizing. When I learned that chapter of scripture, I had no idea it would carry me through dark days.

Jessica Burke Mar 3, 2017

A classical education is possible only if God is immutable and man is not. We, as educators, are dependent upon God to remain the same and to be faithful to His promises for the good of our students. We are dependent on man’s ability to change and grow if we are to see our efforts bear any fruit in the lives of our students. 

Jessica Burke Feb 23, 2017

One day, when my husband got home from work, he joined me at the kitchen window to watch our children. "What are they doing?" he asked. 

"Digging, of course.”

While searching for a new house, my children had had one request: a place to dig.  

“What do they want with a hole? When will they know to stop?” 

I looked at him and shrugged, unknowing.

Jessica Burke Feb 1, 2017

“Oh, it is such a shame they won’t remember it!” my friend said. 

My husband and I had just invested a lot of money (money that might have been better used to fix up our house or to replace our 15-year-old van) to take our family of six to Europe for ten days next summer. We will be returning— for the first time as a family—to Skopje, Macedonia, where we lived from 2008-2011, before spending a day in Amsterdam.

“Maybe,” I said, admittedly a little bothered by her comment but aware that I was having similar thoughts.

Jessica Burke Jan 10, 2017

Last night, my three oldest children slept in the living room, tucked away in homemade forts constructed of sheets, blankets, and clothes pins. They were excited as they snuggled down in their imaginary castles for the night with hopes to wake to our first snowfall of this winter. They were not disappointed.