Jill Courser

Jill Courser lives in rural Michigan with her husband of eighteen years, where they homeschool their five boys and run a seasonal deer processing business. She studied French horn performance at the University of Michigan and has a bachelor's degree in Worship Arts from Spring Arbor University.

Jill Courser Nov 6, 2019

What is the purpose of our leisure? This question has been simmering in my mind since I first encountered the idea of schole several years ago. It’s a lovely concept, particularly appealing to us homeschool moms whose days are typically busy, demanding, and, if we are not careful, chaotic. Many of us are thus inspired to order our days around a “liturgy,” implementing periods of work and rest in the pattern of our weeks and years and sharing in a “feast” of good books, music, and art with our children, and all are good and noble pursuits.