Bryan Simpers

Bryan Simpers was born in Japan and teaches Middle School Humanities at Providence Classical School in Williamsburg, VA. Bryan and his wife Amy have three children, three cats, two dogs, two Guinea Pigs, two goldfish, and at last count, twenty-nine free-ranging chickens. Bryan has been a firefighter, character interpreter, writer, reluctant actor, and a supervisor at the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

Bryan Simpers Apr 16, 2014

“Treason, proditio, in its very name (which is borrowed from the French) imports a betraying, treachery, or breach of faith.

Bryan Simpers Dec 3, 2013

The shower was hot and wonderful. I could feel the cares of the day –  the obligations, the worries, the responsibilies –  drain away. Washing armpits, I made tentative after-shower plans that included an adult beverage and sitting on the couch with my wife. Turning off the water, I heard the sound that causes every parent to despair late in the evening.

Bryan Simpers Aug 27, 2013

Earlier this summer I resolved that I would plant a garden. Nothing large or particularly taxing, just an 8 x 8 foot plot, turned with a shovel. I went to the big local hardware/nursery place to get some seeds, only to find that their remaining vegetable seeds had been returned to the warehouse. It was “too late in the season”, they said, and everyone had already put their gardens in.

Bryan Simpers May 8, 2013

Last Thursday I was sitting in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, nursing my sore feet, when a young man, with a tie, digital audio recorder, and a slightly bemused expression asked me if I would participate in a survey being conducted on behalf of the Museum. I said I would.

He sat next to me and began to ask me the same question over and over again.

"Why are museums important?"