Eric Wearne

Eric Wearne is Provost of Holy Spirit College in Atlanta. He has taught teacher preparation courses at the undergraduate level, and American, Ancient Greek, and World literature in public schools and at St. John Bosco Academy, a hybrid homeschool. He lives in Suwanee, Georgia with his wife and seven children. Follow him on Twitter @eric_wearne.

Eric Wearne Oct 11, 2019

As the school year gets underway, I would like to offer a suggestion for the end of the school year. Maybe, with enough time to look ahead, teachers and homeschooling parents will have a chance to add this suggestion to the curriculum of one class or another if they don’t use it already. I want to make a case for arguably the greatest speech in American political history. One that, while it is already recognized, is still massively underrated in terms of structure and import.

Eric Wearne Mar 25, 2019

“The Holy Ghost will not come until you see yourself as you are—a lazy ignorant conceited youth!” – Father Finn, “The Enduring Chill”

Eric Wearne Aug 16, 2017

As the school year begins, many high school students will soon encounter To Kill a Mockingbird in their English classes. Those who have read the book will remember that a good bit of the action takes place in and around the Finch children’s school–their walks past Boo Radley’s house, the fight Scout gets into over the work Atticus does for Tom Robinson, the school play with Scout dressed as a ham.

Eric Wearne Aug 13, 2015

Contrary to public opinion, teachers amenable to classical education do exist in typical public schools.  Local and state rules, accreditation, and teacher credentialing all act against those allies’ ability to provide their students with a classical education experience.