Dana Gage

Dana Gage is a pastor's wife in Brooklyn, New York, where she homeschools her three children and teaches the liberal arts for adults seeking a high school equivalency certificate.

Dana Gage Aug 12, 2022

Socrates: Excuse me, but someone left a large ugly plastic thing in my classroom. I tripped over one of the hanging wires. 

Staff: Socrates, that’s your new smartboard. Tomorrow is a faculty development day so you can learn how to use it. 

Socrates: What am I going to use it for? Separate the talkers? Plato and Xenophon are so chatty. 

Staff: It’s the latest technology that delivers quality instruction to your students. 

Socrates: Am I getting fired? 

Staff: No, Socrates. It doesn’t replace you. It makes your job easier. 

Dana Gage Aug 25, 2020

“Say the truth no matter what,” advises Jordan Peterson in a podcast with Joe Rogan. That advice sounded patronizing to me, a teacher, a person whose vocation is to tell the truth. Had I ever stood in front of my students and refused to tell the truth? Had I ever deliberately tried to deceive them? I assumed Peterson was speaking to those shady political groups or prosperity preachers who spread fake news and false promises.

Dana Gage Oct 25, 2019

Growing up, I was the kid who was at church “every time the doors were opened.” Since my Christian school was a ministry of our church, my school and church schedules never conflicted, and I never had to choose between two masters. Wednesdays were “no homework nights” because everyone was expected to be at the mid-week services. The family schedule deferred to the church calendar, meaning that Sunday worship, mid-week services, and volunteer service in ministries were non-negotiables.

Dana Gage Feb 27, 2019

In high school, I can remember reading only one work of fiction, which was, ironically, Great Expectations. In my blue-collar town, manual labor and resourcefulness were predominant virtues, so each year our headmaster directed the high school students to set up a large outdoor Fall Festival. One year we repurposed an old rubber swing seat and headed into the woods to rig up a zipline.

Dana Gage Mar 21, 2017

This Sunday, my fourteen-year-old son was qualified to compete in the NYC Junior High championship debate tournament. But since the event will take place on a Sunday, he declined, choosing to be at our church’s worship service instead. 

My husband and I did not coerce him, and we are in no way advocating a legalistic view of the Lord’s Day. So what I took from this incident has little to do with the Sabbath and much to do with the thought and decision-making processes of a teenager.

Dana Gage Mar 11, 2015

As an undergraduate, I studied mathematics, with the single ambition of teaching it to high school students who, except for getting into college, would also have no other use for it. The major was not easy. I remember one night when, instead of watching the Super Bowl, I spent the evening trying to maximize the area of an industrial building. But schlepping a six-pound Calculus book makes you look smarter and improves muscle tone, which was good, because, as it turns out, I never actually taught mathematics to high school students. At least it wasn't a total waste.