Richard Marsh

Richard Marsh was a physics major before answering the call to serve in education and has been teaching since 1999.  Believing that a basic education should be formative rather than merely vocational, he emphasizes the Liberal Arts tradition and mentoring relationships in developing the human potential of young people. 

Richard Marsh Dec 16, 2019

I’m no longer ashamed to admit that I own and wear Christmas Pants, and I think you should too. My understanding of how to celebrate the Christmas season has changed recently, and I’ve had to rethink how I comport myself and how I manage my classroom in December. Do you own a pair of Christmas Pants?

Richard Marsh Jan 21, 2015

As a physics teacher, I get to play with toys as part of my job.  Physics labs give me the chance to dig out classic favorites such as Slinkys and Hot Wheels cars and put them to educational use.  Occasionally I get catalogs from laboratory equipment manufacturers full of strange and sterile contraptions, but I find that students learn better when they personally connect the lessons to familiar things, and the more nostalgic the better.  And so, where I am able, I make the childhood playground my laboratory.

Richard Marsh Nov 4, 2014

Somewhere in a musty old box there is a photograph of me that makes me laugh every time I see it.