Tim McIntosh

Tim McIntosh has been a tutor at Gutenberg College since 2008. He received his B.A. from Bryan College (TN) and his M.A. in Theology from Reformed Theological Seminary. In addition to teaching writing to Gutenberg freshmen and sophomores, he is a playwright, screenwriter, and actor. His play Søn of Abraham received a “Best New Plays” award, and the film of his screenplay Mandie was released by Kalon Media in spring 2009.

Tim McIntosh Dec 11, 2017

At the party, through the foyer, around the clusters of partygoers, past the buffet, and into the salon. There they are, arguing, discussing, pounding the tables with their open palms. You have come among the great authors who are conducting a conversation that began at the dawn of time. You have arrived.

You elbow through gray suits and togas toward the sound of a livid voice. As you sit down, a Greek man with a curly gray beard flashes an impish grin from across the table. You think he looks familiar, but your thoughts are interrupted by a squat German man.

Tim McIntosh Sep 15, 2016

When friends ask me what my favorite novel is, I tell them, "That's easy. Crime and Punishment. Or Anna Karenina. Depending upon which one I read last."

As a teacher at a great books college, my job demands much reading of literature. It is a task I happily embrace. Accordingly, I have read many of the classics of the Western canon. And, after all that reading I am convinced that for power of psychology, for characterization, and for theatrical tension, Dostoevsky and Tolstoy count among the greatest writers in the canon. 

Tim McIntosh Jul 4, 2014

Ann Coulter’s recent article, “Any Growing Interest in Soccer is a Sign of Nation’s Moral Decay” displays her dazzling ability to write for profit and bolster her Google profile.

I’d argue with Coulter’s convictions if she had some. But based on the silliness of her arguments, her only genuine belief seems to be, “Thou shalt increase thy click-count.”