Cindy Rollins

Cindy Rollins is a homeschooling mom of 9 (8 boys and 1 girl) who attended Stetson University and Toccoa Falls College.She is a freelance writer with monthly columns in the Chattanooga Esprit and Knoxville Smoke Signals. For many years now she has blogged through her efforts to  homeschool under the classical principles of Charlotte Mason at Ordo-Amoris.  She continues to follow her heart's desire to encourage and serve homeschooling moms with a special concern for those raising sons. She lives in Chattanooga, Tennessee with her husband Tim and however many children happen to be home.

Cindy Rollins Aug 1, 2017

It is jolly good fun to always be talking about truth, goodness, and beauty. In fact, the more we talk about it--the more metaphors we use--the more romantic it becomes. Warm blackberries, babies' breath, raindrops on roses, and all that. This is fine and dandy on the Internet, but when you sit down with young moms in your own home you begin to blush. 

Cindy Rollins Oct 7, 2016

One of the hardest things about getting older is the decreasing time ahead of you to catch up on reading. Even reading one hundred books a year for the next twenty years is not going to do it. I feel about my To-Be-Read pile as my husband does about the salaries of major league baseball players. He would have to work for one hundred and fifty  years or more to make what some of those guys make in one year. It is not a hopeful thought.

Cindy Rollins Aug 10, 2016
If you know anything about the universe you know that if you win an award for the pursuit of wisdom and virtue you are going to get a chance to continue the pursuit. 
Cindy Rollins Jul 21, 2016

By the time I had Timothy, my oldest, in 1984, I had already spent three years reading about homeschooling so when he turned four I was chafing to get started.

Cindy Rollins Jun 30, 2016
When you get to my age your “To Be Read List” becomes an insidious beast mocking you every time you walk from one room to another, laughing scornfully as you frantically look from pile to pile, bookshelf to bookshelf. A sneaky voice sounding for all the world like Worm Tongue reminds you every time you see a book that you are not getting any younger. Time is running out.
Cindy Rollins May 31, 2016
About 20 years ago, I read 84 Charing Cross Road by Helene Hanff, documenting her twenty year correspondence with  British bookseller Frank Doel, of Marks & Co. Books.

Cindy Rollins Nov 23, 2015

It is starting to get cold again which means it is reading (and gift-giving) season. And the perfect Christmas gift is a book to curl up with during that long, lugubrious week between Christmas and New Year’s. 

Cindy Rollins Nov 10, 2015

This is going to be one of those thinking-out-loud-oops-now-I-look-dumb-never-mind-I-take-it-all-back posts.

Cindy Rollins Oct 1, 2015

I am still here. Even though my son Alex is in public school, I am still here. I am still looking at life through the lens of classical education.

Things have been going pretty well for Alex at school. I like his teachers and his classes and I have been pleasantly surprised at how much they care.  Most of them really do care.  

I put Alex in honors classes because I heard through the mom grapevine that the honors classes are not disrupted as much. Plus Alex is a bright kid in need of a challenge.

Cindy Rollins Jul 6, 2015

In a post on my old blog (the now defunct I wrote about how we are failing to give our boys a reason to learn, how boys are motivated by honor and how our society has left them without hope, and how one antidote to the problem may be using great literature to motivate our sons to pursue honor. 

But what books should they read?