Heidi Dean and Zach Pritz

Heidi Dean and Zach Pritz teach biblical studies at Veritas Christian Academy in Fletcher, NC. Zach (M.A. Faulkner, pending) is head of biblical studies and teaches Old and New Testaments. Heidi (Th.M. Duke) teaches Old Testament and chairs the Bible Instruction Symposium hosted by CSI & Tyndale. The two share in common the vices of drinking too much coffee and running too many start-ups while raising young kids.

Heidi Dean and Zach Pritz Jan 21, 2021

Socratic teaching methods are a cornerstone of classical education, for good reason. Plato’s Socratic dialogues are foundational for presenting the big ideas behind “great conversation,” like, truth, justice, and rhetoric. But Socratic pedagogy is not merely classical; it is deeply Christan, as Jesus engaged with listeners through questions, riddles, and parables often more than direct lecture. We believe it is the pedagogy best-suited to the Bible classroom. 

Socratic Conversations in Bible 

Heidi Dean and Zach Pritz Jan 20, 2021

Formation of Imagination

As Classical educators we believe that literature forms the imagination of students, and this conviction is at its truest in the Bible classroom. Through Scripture students imaginatively enter into the reality of the Biblical characters: the pain of loneliness and of long journeys, the loss of family and betrayal of friends, but also the joy of ascending to Zion, smelling the incense in the temple, and receiving manna from heaven. 

Heidi Dean and Zach Pritz Jan 19, 2021

The Greatest Literary Work

Classical schools are known to be preservers of the great literature of the Western tradition. Homer, Milton, Dante, Shakespeare, and Donne - these authors and their fellows are commonly elevated as those that Classical schools commit to passing on to the next generation. But do we remember Moses, Isaiah, and Paul on our list of great authors?