Andrew Kern

Andrew Kern is the founder and president of The CiRCE Institute and the co-author of the book, Classical Education: the Movement Sweeping America

Andrew Kern Sep 17, 2021

There is in human beings a charming and naive desire to create new things ex nihilo, to go back to the garden as it were, to start again as though we have not already done anything good or bad. 

In part, this drive arises from the presence of the image of God in us. He creates ex nihilo. We are His image. So we want to be able to create ex nihilo. And who knows, maybe there will come a time when we can. Maybe there is even some relative sense in which we can now. 

Andrew Kern Sep 2, 2021

If, as I have argued, following Lewis, MacIntyre, and the Christian and classical traditions, what our children read and how is just as important as our global standing as a nation; and if it is true that we have been debunking our children/selves for generations, the inevitable question must be confronted:

What should our children read?

The follow-up question might be even more important:

How should our children read? 

Andrew Kern Aug 25, 2021

As I write, Afghanistan has fallen and Bernard Lewis's ghost is calling to us from Kabul, reminding us that he warned us as far back as 2002 that, in the eyes of the world,

 America is harmless as an enemy, treacherous as a friend.

We should be troubled. 

Would you care to guess who said the following and when? 

Andrew Kern Aug 23, 2021

In a previous article, Lewis's Accusation, I quoted C.S. Lewis from The Abolition of Man:

Andrew Kern Aug 19, 2021

In my previous post, Lewis Punks the World, I argued that the context of C.S. Lewis's claim that we are "not sufficiently attentive to the importance of elementary text books", might have driven a bit batty those whose attention was devoted to a global cataclysm. 

"Why did you do it, Jack? Were you fiddling when Rome was burning? Were you laughing about dancing elephants at the ludi Romani while the enemies within the capital were eating out her heart?"

Andrew Kern Aug 12, 2021

I have been known to say things that (to put myself in the best light) lead people to ask me to clarify.  

If my father was correct, mischief may be part of the problem. After all, Mercury, the god of rhetoric, was also the god of merchants and traders and thieves, and, furthermore, he was the lord of the clever. So maybe my dad was right and I just like to provoke people so I can appear clever. 

Andrew Kern Aug 9, 2021

On July 3, 1941, German General Halder sat down to reflect in his diary on the invasion of Russia, launched on June 22, just two weeks earlier. "It is hardly too much to say," he wrote, "the Feldzug against Russia has been won in fourteen days." 

Andrew Kern May 10, 2021

Let us imagine a group of isolated fifteen year olds with a normally distributed variety of talents and virtues. Let us assume these fifteen year olds are in a community that they inherited, that has a governing structure, habits of mind, and patterns of behavior. It is a normally distributed tradition in its virtues and vices. 

Andrew Kern Apr 6, 2021

Zach Sherman posted in the Atrium discussion forum this apologia by St. Athenagorus. He was defending the Christians to Marcus Aurelius. 

Andrew Kern Apr 5, 2021

Talleyrand was a French diplomat who survived all the way from before the Revolution to Napoleon's reign. His biography is called Talleyrand: The Art of Survival.

Therein I read these words:

[Mirabeau's] death left an ever-widening gulf between the throne and the radicals into which the nation was about to be violently swept. Talleyrand hoped that Louis XVI would see the danger and come to his senses....