Danny Breed

Danny Breed is Headmaster at Oak City Academy in Raleigh, NC. 

Danny Breed Apr 12, 2019

“Cinderella” is neither an allegory nor a gospel story, yet as with all of creation, it reveals aspects of the gospel story in various ways. Just as creation reveals God’s divine nature and eternal power, this tale reflects particular experiences of the universal church that manifest God’s dealings with the church. Within this beloved fairy tale, we see a picture of the endurance, favor, and rescue of the universal church.

Danny Breed Jul 25, 2018

Have you considered that the natural relationship children have with their environment greatly affects their education? God has woven into each child a particular way of relating to the things around him or her. If we don’t understand this relationship, then we may be inadvertently miseducating our children.

Danny Breed Feb 1, 2016

As we sat around a table during staff training, listening to a talk, three of my teachers and I heard a familiar refrain that begged to be pondered: “The glory of God must be the aim in our teaching."

This ideal fell on hopeful hearts but confused minds. It is something we educators are reminded of often, but in this moment, on this day, we decided to peer into the mysterious glory cloud even deeper.  We asked, “What does that mean?”

Danny Breed Aug 25, 2015
What is really happening when we talk to each other or we put something in writing? Why is it meaningful or beautiful?
Danny Breed May 18, 2015
  • The nature of a child and education come together, either to mar the child or to help the child flourish. When a child is not taught according to his or her nature, it is like cutting against the grain, dulling the knife and marring the wood. Yet when a child’s instruction aligns with his or her nature, the process is beautiful and the child thrives. Parents and teachers must understand the nature of a child so that their teaching can harmonize with that nature and cultivate him or her into a virtuous and flourishing adult. 
Danny Breed Mar 2, 2015

It was said of Winston Churchill that he saw into the essence of things, which is a characteristic of many great men. When you see into the essence of things, it is as if a vail is lifted. You no longer view things simply for what they do. You see into their nature, you sense the heart of the matter. Once you see into a thing’s heart, you can appreciate its beauty, its relationship to things around it, and how it can bless others. Yet, how does one learn to see into the essence of things? It starts with naming, which was one of the first tasks the Lord set before the first man.

Danny Breed Jan 5, 2015

The reflections of Christ within creation harmonizes the study of any art with Himself. The Lord did not create all things apart from Himself, but rather out of the overflow of Himself. Thus Paul rightly says, “From Him, and through Him, and to Him are all things.” Everything that God made reflects His divine nature in some way. It is this reflection of the divine nature that more fully defines the nature and identity of what He created. It is also this divine reflection that provides the bridge between the created and the Creator.

Danny Breed Nov 10, 2014

Did you realize that families, classrooms, and entire nations rise or fall based on a simple inclination?

Danny Breed Aug 18, 2014

Does it disturb you that children generally lose their creativity the older they get? Have you considered that this might not be accidental or a mark of maturity, but rather a result of a system that conditions conformity? As with other things in society, this is an intentional undermining of humanity and the image of God within mankind. Creativity is an aspect of the image of God and thus it ought to be cultivated through education not diminished.

Danny Breed Aug 6, 2014

Has the fleeting delight of problem solving ever troubled you? Yet contemporary society seems to be built on and framed by problem solving. There is trouble at home or at work and you need to solve it. Your child is going down a wayward path and you need to fix him or her. There are bugs in the operating system; it is slowing you down, so you must find the solution. After the problem is solved, there may be joy for a moment, but it does not add lasting joy to your human experience. Perhaps our lives (and thus our education) should be centered on creating rather than fixing problems.