John Tuttle

John Tuttle is a Catholic writer and creative whose writing has been published by The University Bookman, Culture Wars Magazine, The Millions, Christian Post, Grotto Network, and The Fairy Tale Blog. His artistic photography has been published by Blue Marble Review, The Manhattanville Review, honey & lime, and The William & Mary Review. He has also served as the prose editor for Loomings, the literary magazine of Benedictine College.

John Tuttle Jan 3, 2020

If we look back at dramatized episodes in the lives of the Greek philosophers, we see they bickered frequently. That is how they brought their ideals to the community’s attention—through stories, parables, and argumentation. In Plato’s dialogue Gorgias, a prime example of argumentation, Socrates assaults the ramparts of the practice of rhetoric. Meanwhile, the rhetorician Gorgias and his disciple Polus attempt to keep up a defense of their occupation.