Jonathan and Laura Councell

Jonathan and Laura Councell are classical educators in Beaufort, South Carolina. Jonathan is a graduate of the CiRCE Apprenticeship, serves as chair of the humanities at Holy Trinity Classical Christian School, consults, trains teachers, and writes curriculum. Laura earned her Doctor of Musical Arts degree from UNC Greensboro. She has a private voice studio, teaches music at USC Beaufort, and tutors in Romance languages. During the summer, Jonathan and Laura run the Classical Arts in France program. In the fall, they host an epic Hobbit party. 

Jonathan and Laura Councell Dec 23, 2019

When each of us were young, our mothers and/or caretakers instinctively amplified the musical qualities inherent within our native languages. Infants are surrounded by an entirely foreign, complex system of communication. They exist in a state of wonder and we draw on and interact with that state by engaging them with musically creative speech. We exaggerate the natural melody of our speech, and use rhythmic patterns, repetition, simple forms, and catchy tones of voice to increase their interest, comprehension, and connection.

Jonathan and Laura Councell Dec 18, 2019

“Handel is the greatest composer that ever lived . . . I would uncover my head and kneel down on his tomb.” —Beethoven quoted by Edward Schulz, "A Day with Beethoven,” The Harmonicum (1824).

Jonathan and Laura Councell Dec 15, 2019

All great orchestral concerts begin with a small but important musical moment. The concert master stands and the principal oboist continuously sounds A-440, until each player has tuned all the notes of their instrument to the frequency of that tone. Then the conductor takes the podium, lifts his or her arms, the concert begins, and the instruments resonate in pure clarity.