Lee Stephenson

Lee Stephenson is the Academy Dean and a Logic and Rhetoric School recitation, humanities, and logic instructor at Sequitur Classical Academy. She is from Atlanta, Georgia, and attended the University of Virginia where she received a BA in History and Leadership, and an MS of Commerce in Marketing and Management—degree choices which can only be explained retrospectively. She is currently a teaching apprentice with the CiRCE Institute and spends her time after school rereading the classical texts she teaches, because they will always be orders of magnitude greater than her tiny mind can comprehend. She attends Grace Mid City Church in eponymous Mid City Baton Rouge.

Lee Stephenson Jan 6, 2020

Matt strode up to me, wearing one earbud in his right ear while the left bud flopped around against his suit vest. “Do I look like a secret service agent?” he inquired, holding up the speaker on the cord of the earbuds to his mouth for effect. Matt asks this question every Sunday before our church service begins, and I delight in it as a constant comfort, akin to knowing that there will always be green bean casserole with fried onions at Thanksgiving dinner.

Lee Stephenson Dec 31, 2019

“How are you preparing for Christmas?” asks Mrs. Kim expectantly, holding a microphone from the church’s ancient sound equipment. Even before she reaches the question mark, the front of the sanctuary is peppered with eager little hands. Mrs. Kim begins to pick from among the children, who in various states of euphoria cannot wait to share their thoughts. “Making cookies!” squeals Lydia. “Putting up our tree!” smiles Maya. “Elf on the Shelf,” says Jack, sweeping his pre-preteen hair from his eyes and revealing a cool, but not too cool, smirk.