Zachariah Rosenbaum

Zach Rosenbaum is currently attending college at Valdosta State University as an undergraduate. He is studying English, and writes for the Spectator. He spends the rest of his time working in the Starbucks nearby.

Zachariah Rosenbaum Sep 17, 2018

Money is the root of all evil and fame is hell.
Who would have thought that Ed Sheeran, one of the world’s most popular musicians, would proclaim such a dark truth on the first track of his latest album?

The comedian Bo Burnham, with his sarcastic tones hiding the underlying themes of depression, fear, exhaustion, suicide, and feeling out of place, forces crowds into fits of laughter over things that should never be laughed at, while he himself is standing on stage simply hoping that one person might hear what he is really saying: help.

Zachariah Rosenbaum Jul 16, 2018

Being 17 years old, one might think that I would not have much to say in favor of education. In fact, I am certain that many people who will read this article assume that I would prefer to spend my time bashing the school system from my social media outlets and blog. However, in writing this article I intend to do just the opposite.