Carrie Eben

Carrie Eben is a new CiRCE Apprentice. She resides in Siloam Springs, AR, where she lives with her husband of twenty-four years and homeschools her high school daughter classically. Her son is a sophomore at John Brown University not far away. Carrie holds a BSEd degree from John Brown University, an MSEd degree from Oklahoma State University, and she recently began a PhD program in Humanities at Faulkner University. This fall, Carrie and her husband helped open a classical school in Siloam Springs as founding board members. After twenty-one years of classically educating in schools and at home, she is still passionate about educating students toward academic excellence and virtue as well as empowering educators and parents using the classical tools of education. If you care to listen, you can visit her podcast about classical homeschool, Making Memoria, on iTunes at Homeschool Counselor:

Carrie Eben Jun 30, 2021

I have a confession to make. I see a therapist. 

I began my therapy journey when I became a parent. For some reason, transitioning to parenthood at age twenty-six after four years of marriage rocked my world. I thought I was ready for the perfect baby boy I carried inside of me and delivered after victoriously enduring Y2K, but alas, I was not prepared for the new role as “mother.” 

Carrie Eben Jan 28, 2020

I typically expect to be a little depressed in January. It is my least favorite month of the year and misplaced Christmas-season expectations often leave me feeling empty, cranky, and ashamed. It is possible after a cheerful glass of mulled wine I may have jokingly expressed to my family that “Christmas in THIS house would not happen without me. I am Christmas. Just lay me in that manager.” This terrible confession is true.