Eliot Grasso

Dr. Eliot Grasso is Provost of Gutenberg College where he teaches aesthetic philosophy and leads discussions on the Great Books. Eliot has taught in higher education for over a decade, and is an award-winning performer, recording artist, composer, and scholar of Irish traditional music. Eliot and his wife Kate homeschool their three children in Springfield, Oregon. 

Eliot Grasso Oct 12, 2017

In his 1987 essay “Why I Am Not Going to Buy a Computer,” Wendell Berry offers a rationale for his reluctance to make the transition from pen and paper to mouse and keyboard. Berry was only interested in technological change if it was as affordable, as compact, or as useful as his current technology. If new technology offers no clear advantages over traditional methods, why upgrade? He concludes his essay with a list of justifications for upgrading technology, and his final criterion is germane to education, especially in a civilization saturated with technologies of various stripes.