Julie Leppert

Julie credits Circe Institute for molding her ideas, love, and growing passion for classical education over the past 5-6 years. Her eldest son graduated summa cum laude from Rivendell Sanctuary classical honors program 2014 (SDCC) where he earned the program’s highest distinction Virtus Cum Scientia; her middle son currently attends the RS program where he is seeking to live “the good life” classically; and her youngest child, a student of The Lost Tools of Writing, is entering the 11th grade this fall. Before embarking on the Leppert’s homeschool journey, Julie worked five years in journalism. She writes creatively about the homeschooling journey, womanhood, and Christianity. 

Julie Leppert Jul 22, 2015

Logs tonight. The stack of metaphoric logs waiting for the szzaaw-szzawing in my dreamy head must wait. I’m setting up the kids’ academic logs first.