Jon Jordan

Fr. Jon Jordan is the Campus Administrator of Coram Deo Academy’s Dallas Campus, and serves as a Priest in the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas.

Jon Jordan Feb 21, 2020

This article is part two in a series of reflections on what The Confessions of Saint Augustine has to say to modern educators.

In a culture obsessed with efficiency, performance, and competition, we often overlook one of life’s simple pleasures--a pleasure that children experience readily until grown-ups teach it out of them. Lewis explains this pleasure in one of the greatest sermons of the 20th century:

Jon Jordan Feb 14, 2020

In a room full of thirteen-year-olds, I shared that my daughter and I had recently finished reading The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, and that it had now become my favorite book in the series. (Full disclosure: every time I finish a Narnia book again, that book runs the risk of becoming my favorite book in the series...)

“This was my first time to read the book …”, I began to share, only to be interrupted. 

Jon Jordan Nov 11, 2016

Most Americans are in a state of shock this week. Our country is full of people--on both ends of the political spectrum--that did not see this coming. Whether we blame the polls or the media or both, many of us woke up Wednesday morning surprised.

Jon Jordan Oct 11, 2016

Our youngest son is just now beginning to communicate vocally. His older sister is forming sentences and learning new words every day, but we are just as pleased with the occasional grunt or squeal we get out of him. On one level, we are excited because this means that he is developing normally—something we never want to take for granted. But on an entirely different level, it also means that each day we are closer to hearing him describe his world in a way that we can understand. He is slowly learning to use his words.