What is Beauty? A Six Week Intensive

Thursday, May 21, 2020 - 4:00pm to Thursday, June 25, 2020 - 5:30pm


When: Thursdays, May 21 - June 25 4-5:30pm ET
Who: Katerina Kern 
Where: Online!

Need to miss a class? Classes will be recorded and distributed to all registrants.

What is Beauty? Why do Classical Educators elevate Beauty to the level of Goodness and Truth? And why do I keep capitalizing “Beauty”? Does the Raphael painting in your classroom posit a different understanding of Beauty than the Nike statue in the living room at home, or the Monet in the bathroom? Do the cathedral windows communicate a different Beauty than a Shakespearean sonnet or Victorian novel? 

In this course we will explore how Western Civilization has sought to define and express Beauty throughout the ages. Each of the six weeks will focus on a different time: Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Medieval (East and West), Renaissance, Early Modern, and Late Modern. In order to consider how each understood Beauty, we will examine three types of artefacts from each period: one visual artwork, one architectural, and one play or poem. In once weekly online classes, we will discuss the artefacts together in a seminar. The homework will be preparatory and open-ended, so each individual can do as much or as little as he/she has time for; it will primarily be to research the artefacts and prepare to share ideas. 

High schoolers and adults who want to explore ideas, better understand Western Civ, refine their thoughts, discuss great art with others, get ideas for their own classes, enjoy the arts, or find something more worth gazing at during this quarantine than their TV screens are welcome to attend. 

Dates and Topics:

Thursday, May 21: Ancient Greece

Thursday, May 28: Ancient Rome

Thursday, June 4: Medieval (East and West)

Thursday, June 11: Renaissance

Thursday, June 18: Early Modern

Thursday, June 25: Late Modern

Katerina Kern has taught for the last ten years in many differing Classical contexts, ranging from homeschool settings to private schools abroad. She has taught grades K-12, but for the last many years has focused on grades 6-12. She earned a B.A. from UNC-Charlotte where she studied Fine Art and Classics and an M.A from Oxford University where she studied Literature and the Arts. For the last five years she has lived in Uganda, where she became a mother and learned many survival skills hitherto imagined useless, the most important of which being the ability to wrangle together something good out of minimal resources. She hopes this will come in handy now! 

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