The Pen of a Ready Writer: Teaching Our Children How to Communicate
Andrew Kern
The Bible shows us how to communicate well and it also warns us about the immeasurable harm we can affect through words. In this session, Kern shows you how to use writing and “school” exercises to guide your children toward wisdom and responsibility in t
A Contemplation of Nature
Andrew Kern
Our most popular talk ever, presented at our 2009 annual conference
Further Up and Further In: An Exploration of the Classical Quadrivium - TALK ONE
Andrew Kern
Part one of the talks presented in Austin, Texas in September, 2014 by Andrew Kern and Brian Phillips.
Assessment That Blesses
Andrew Kern
Presented at the 2012 Southeast Homeschool Convention; Greenville, SC.
A Contemplation of Creation
Andrew Kern
From the 2012 CiRCE Conference in Louisville, Kentucky; July 2012.
Teaching Boys and Other Kids Who Would Rather Be Playing in Forts
Andrew Pudewa
From the 2009 CiRCE Conference in Charlotte, NC
Is American Education a Bad Joke?
Andrew Kern
From the 2008 CiRCE Conference in Houston, TX
What Are We Doing to Our Boys?
James Daniels
From the 2006 CiRCE Conference in Memphis, TN
How the Trivium Prepares the Soul for College
E. Christian Kopff
From the 2011 CiRCE Conference in Dallas, TX
Vigen Guroian
From the 2010 CiRCE Conference in Dallas, TX