Apprentices receive an evaluation in December  for the fall semester and in May for the spring semester. During evaluations Head Mentors provide apprentices with valuable feedback and suggestions for improvement.  Apprentices are assessed on their participation, teaching, and writing.

  • Participation: Attended both retreats and at least two webinars each month as well as post twice monthly on the internet forums.

  • Teaching: Implemented Classical instruction at the retreats and at home

  • Writing: Read all the assigned material and completed the assigned essays each semester.

To be recognized as a CiRCE Certified Classical Teacher participants must:

  • Attend 6 retreats

  • Attend at least two of the three webinars scheduled for each month from September to May

  • Complete all writing assignments, including assigned essays and regular contributions to online discussion

  • Implement mimetic instruction at home or in the classroom

  • Read all assigned literature

  • Fulfill all payment obligations

  • Earn passing marks on evaluations distributed twice per year

An apprentice who does not fulfill the necessary requirements will be awarded an Audit Credit.


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