"The CiRCE Apprenticeship has been a deeply formative experience . . . I have grown in my ability as a teacher and am learning how to truly love my students. The Apprenticeship is intense and challenging, but worth every moment. The fellowship of being in a group of people who share a common desire to love the true, good, and beautiful is unlike anything else I have ever experienced."
Jill C.

Mentorship Matters

The mentor/apprentice relationship–and the community that springs out of it–is the very heart of the program. Each of our seven groups is kept small so that mentors and apprentices can truly know each other. The mentors guide the apprentices by providing assessment that blesses them, accountability that strengthens them, and regular discussions that nurture them. The environment is welcoming and safe, the community develops over shared meals and stories, the pedagogy is founded on Christian classical education forms, and the assessment is for the apprentice to flourish. These are the things that set this teacher training program apart.

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"Just say yes. This program changed my life. When I entered the apprenticeship I had never read a classic, I did not understand the connection between form and freedom, and I had a lot of growing to do as a teacher. Because of this program, not only did I grow and learn in all of those areas, but I also became a better human, a better friend, a better neighbor. Please check this out. You will not regret it. "- Jennifer D.