Teacher Apprenticeship Program

You can become a great teacher.

In fact, you already know almost everything you need to know. Now you need a forum where you can practice under the guidance of a master teacher in the company of others who are as eager to learn as you are.

The CiRCE Institute’s Teacher Apprenticeship is that forum.

 The CiRCE Apprenticeship is an in-depth, personal, teacher-training program in which a small group of professional and home teachers are mentored by a Head Mentor who is equipped to teach classical rhetoric and the Christian Classical modes of instruction.

 In its focused setting, you will contemplate several Great Books and practice teaching with your co-apprentices.

 Great ideas. Great discussions. Join us. Become an unforgettable teacher. 

The CiRCE Apprenticeship is a unique and intimate learning experience that equips you to:

  • Teach classically

  • Teach purposefully

  • Teach with vision

  • Practice classical rhetoric

The program is based on relationship and communication. Using The Lost Tools of Writing™, a classical 
composition curriculum, you will learn how to improve both your writing and your teaching.

You will learn that classical teaching is about purpose and vision, wisdom and virtue.

By employing Mimetic and Socratic instruction and by discussing eternally relevant concepts and ideas, you will learn to energize your classroom and nourish your students' souls.

New apprentices make a one-year commitment, during which they receive foundational instruction on the Christian classical vision and on Christian classical modes of teaching through two retreats, regular webinars, and on-going reading and writing assignments.

At the end of the first year, apprentices decide whether to continue as Journeymen.

A Journeyman makes a two-year commitment during which they dig deeper into the ideas and practices of classical education, mentor first-year apprentices, and take on a more active role in the development and implementation of the program.

Upon successful completion of the CiRCE Apprenticeship, Journeymen become CiRCE Certified Classical Teachers.