"The seven liberal arts are the established paths that tutor the reason and train the mind in virtue. Our schools would do well to hearken to them."


from the Liberal Arts Tradition, by Kevin Clark and Ravi Jain

CONTRARY TO POPULAR OPINION, the liberal arts are more than "impractical" areas of study for artsy students who don't like math or science. They're more than old-fashioned tools for differentiating a university from a nearby technical college. And they're certainly more than just history and literature. The truth is, the seven liberal arts are the core of the classical curriculum. They're the non-negotiable. That without which Christian classical education simply isn't itself. So we in the classical consortium hope you'll join us for this important contemplation of the essential nature, rich history, and promising future of the defining element of this classical renewal. 

Please note: Lunches are included in the registration each day, but space is very limited! 

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