A Contemplation of Power

July 12 - 15, 2023 | Denver CO


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The Pre-Conferences

The 2023 Pre-conference has a brand new format. For the first time you can pick a pre-conference track!

Mimetic Teaching with Andrea Lipinski

 Mimetic instruction, along with Socratic instruction, is one of the two modes of classical teaching that every classical educator should strive to master. Mimetic instruction guides students to contemplate types in order to understand ideas in concrete (embodied) form. This enables students to understand an idea or truth and then to apply it. 

Socratic Teaching with Dr. Matthew Bianco

Socratic teaching is one of the hallmarks of classical education. The classical teacher teaches Socratically. We read books and attend workshops on Socratic teaching as part of our training to make that happen. What is Socratic teaching, though? How do you do it? How do you do it well? How do you assess it? Does it look different between a single teacher and a single student than it does between a teacher and a classroom of students?

"How to Build a Classical . . . " with Andrew Kern

As the classical renewal has grown, many homes and schools are starting or thinking about starting a classical school, home school, or co-op. Others are contemplating or attempting to transition from other modes to a classical mode. Still more are striving to mature into ever more pure expressions of classical education.

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For thirty years, Andrew Kern has been starting and building classical institutions. He has also been helping others start them, transition to, and build them. And he has been observing and listening to others as they open, build, and transition to classical education.  

In this pre-conference for leaders – whether they serve on boards, on the leadership team, among parent volunteers, or in the classroom – Kern shares the insights he has gained from his experiences, his research, and his conversations over those thirty years. He’s made some truly bone-headed mistakes. He understands things he wishes he didn’t have to. And he wants to help you contribute to a renewal that he loves with his whole heart.  

Kern categories his lessons under what he calls “the seven commitments”, which he argues fulfill the limited potential of the conventional concepts of vision, mission, and values.

The seven are

1. Vocation  
2. Commission 
3. Creed 
4. Principles 
5. Loves 
6. Virtues 
7. Strategy 

The reason these matter so much is simple, put positively and negatively: 

• Because they unite a school around a common and understood identity 

• Because they are what people fight about and divide over when they are not a common and understood identity. 

But beware: Kern has no intention of telling you what God has called you to and how you should execute His calling. Instead, this pre-conference is about how to hear His calling yourself and then build a home, co-op, or school on that foundation.  

Latin with Buck Holler

Next year's pre-conference Latin workshop will be a full day of reading, discussing, and singing Latin stories and poetry in Latin. We will direct our focus to understanding and using words-in-context in order to build vocabulary, grammar, and comprehension through the use of all four language arts: reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

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