The 2 Andrews Are Heading West!

Oct 18, 2012
We are glad to announce that once again we're partnering with our friends over at the Institute for Excellence in Writing to put on a series of Two Andrews writing workshops. This December, Andrew Kern and Andrew Pudewa will be taking their tour, The Two Andrews: On Writing and Teaching Writing, to the beautiful Pacific Northwest, where they'll put on five one-day events in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. These events are for teachers, home-schooling parents, college and high schools students, and anyone who wants to learn more about teaching writing. We'd love to see you there! The sessions at these events are as follows:

The Four Language Arts: Listening, reading, speaking, and writing – Pudewa Nurture excellent communication skills even more effectively by understanding the relationship between these four critical skills.

The Three Writing Challenges: Solved! – Kern The three canons as solutions to the three problems; the place of rhetoric as the “deep logic” of the entire curriculum and therefore as the natural ordering principle of the student’s studies. Indeed, what was classical rhetoric and what happened to it?

The Five Paths to Great Writing – Kern Theoretical: understanding the science of writing; Literary: studying the great masterpieces of literature as models; Critical: learning the details of good usage; Practical: practicing the art of writing; Linguistic: translating great works of literature into and out of English.

Developing the Essayist: A natural approach – Pudewa How can a student move from simply reporting facts to the more sophisticated skill of using facts to support an opinion? Learn several different essay models, and discover a gradual method of building the analytical writer, starting even at the elementary level!

Assessment – Pudewa/Kern Marking and grading; objectivity, motivation, and sanity. How to keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and planting seeds of doubt.

Panel: Common problems in teaching writing – Pudewa/Kern

Looking Ahead: Where do you want to go from here? – Pudewa/Kern How does Structure & Style relate to The Lost Tools of WritingTM, what are the progymnasmata, and what’s next for you?

To register for one of these events please visit IEW's website here.  The cost is $59/person and $30 for a second family member.
David Kern

David Kern

David is director of our multimedia initiatives (podcast host, web-content manager, magazine editor, etc). He often writes about film, television, books, and other culture-related topics, and has been published by Christ and Pop Culture, Think Christian, Relevant, and elsewhere.  David and his wife, Bethany, have three young boys and they live in Concord, NC. 

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Will audio CDs be available of the sessions after the conference? Will the 2 Andrews bring this same conference to the Houston/Dallas areas in the future?


I'm very disappointed; of all the times to come to Oregon! Our family business takes us out of the state for the Christmas season. ...and my opinion is that you should come back to Oregon in January.


Watch for December 2013.