A New Talk From Andrew Kern: You Become What You Behold

May 22, 2012
UPDATE: DUE TO THE POSITIVE RESPONSE THIS TALK HAS RECEIVED WE HAVE DECIDED TO LEAVE IT UP A LITTLE BIT LONGER. DON'T HESITATE TO SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS. As we hit the homeschool convention circuit, we rack up a whole lot more than mileage: we also accumulate a number of new talks, lectures, and workshops, many of which are given for the first time and most of which are presented by Andrew Kern (though not all of them). So, rather than hoard these new resources, we've decided to share some of these new talks with you, one at a time, and free to stream on our website for one month. At the end of the month each talk will be placed in our online store and will be available for purchase/download. First up - and available from today, May 22, until Friday, June 22 - is Andrew Kern's recent lecture "You Become What You Behold: Nourishing Your Child's Soul On Truth",  a talk presented in April at the Cincinnati Homeschool Convention. To listen to this talk, click the "play" button below. You Become What You Behold- Nourishing Your Child's Soul On Truth Coming soon: - Teaching Writing For All It's Worth -  Assessment That Works    
David Kern

David Kern

David is director of our multimedia initiatives (podcast host, web-content manager, magazine editor, etc). He often writes about film, television, books, and other culture-related topics, and has been published by Christ and Pop Culture, Think Christian, Relevant, and elsewhere.  David and his wife, Bethany, have three young boys and they live in Concord, NC. 

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Crystal clear, Andrew. Thank you! Looking forward to CiRCE in July.

I just listened to the talk. I agree with Dawn. Thank you for making such an inspirational message available for free. I did have one question. I was left wondering how willing yourself to "behold" is any different than willing self to be patient, polite, etc. My sense is that there is a difference, but just don't see it right away. Any thoughts?

That's a good question. I think I would put it this way: faith moves itself inevitably or even simultaneously into the act of beholding, which is, properly speaking, an act of receiving. We don't behold something when we are confident in ourselves but when we have faith in what we behold. It may well be that that is why faith saves us.

I loved this and I love your explanation here that faith moves itself into the act of beholding. That makes complete sense to me, especially in the real sense that "It may well be that that is why faith saves us". I think of the Scripture where Jesus teaches us to abide in Him in John 15. This abiding is the act of beholding which is from faith, as you say. WOW! Great stuff. I posted your message on our local homeschool yahoo group and pray that it touches many as it touched me.

In your talk, which I am grateful for the free publication of, you briefly refer to various translations of Scripture. Why did you choose to use the KJV? Would you elaborate on your opinion of modern translations?

It is the most logical and has the best rhythmn. Martin Cothran has expressed some thoughts on this better than I can over at Memoria Press. Take a look!

Thanks for asking.

Love it!
... as we have borne the IMAGE of the earthy (choikos - made of dust, dirt), we shall also bear the IMAGE of the heavenly.
1 Corinthians 15:49

Wow. How generous!

This talk absolutely set the tenor of the conference for me. Thanks so much ... and thanks for making it available!


Thanks, again, for this great talk - and the encouraging chats during the Convention here in Cincy.

I've been beholding Jesus much more - and my wife and children are receiving the benefit.

Thanks, again, sincerely,


Is the "Teaching Writing For All It’s Worth" available yet?

Would you be amenable to adding "Teaching Writing For All It’s Worth" to the Free Audio Library page?

Andrew. Thanks!

I just listened to this talk tonight. Thank you for extending the time it was available on this website. What a powerful message, a message which orders all of my thinking about teaching and being a mother. As a teacher in our small school I have a slice of time in my students' lives to help them grow in true riches along the journey to the Eternal, sharing these views (given much more depth now that I have heard this talk) also with their parents here and there throughout the year. As a mother of six precious children, I have just received the boost I needed to consistently nourish their souls in countless opportunities at home.
I am sure I need to spend more time before Jesus and pray about how to go about this, and I will. THANK YOU for pointing out and reminding us of the sure path. I have sometimes been walking on that path, and sometimes wandering away to look at the glittering and colorful and deceitful ideas the secular world offers, not realizing until now that the latter was the source of my anxiety.
Blessings to you!

Pretty much the best homeschool message I've ever heard and had me in tears at times because it was so moving. I wish I could have heard it before I spoke at the Classical Conversations' practicum last month, because you (Andrew) had the words to convey the notions that I had but wasn't able to articulate. I want Christ to be the center of every last thing we learn, but saying that is one thing and living that out moment by moment is another--especially as a homeschool mom and teacher who spent her entire childhood being modeled Dewey education. We want something more but we don't always know how to do it, so we return to what we know (soul-numbing workbooks, etc.). But thank you, Andrew, for blazing the trail by giving us a practical and glorious vision for Christ in all things!