The Daughters of Feminism Expose the Lie

Mar 15, 2012
Women of my generation grew up under the shadow of radical feminism. Gender is a social construct, high-profile feminists taught us. "Biology is not destiny!", was the banner under which we were told to march. In other words, differences between men and women are entirely made up. We don’t have to bow to the oppressive expectations of a patriarchal society. We can redefine ourselves. We can recreate reality. Women followed the path recommended by the feminist leadership: they attended college, got advanced degrees, and postponed marriage and family until after they were well established in their careers. There is plenty of time for children, they were reassured. Slowly, women who once felt liberated by such rhetoric began to feel betrayed. Believing the lie of feminism, they learned through much pain, that certain differences between men and women are a biological fact, not a social construct. And the consequences of ignoring this reality have brought suffering to the lives of women. At age 39, Alexis Stewart, daughter of Martha Stewart decided that the time was right at last to have a child. Sadly, her body disagreed, and she was unable to conceive. Alexis was shocked to discover the biological truth: by age 30 a woman’s fertility decreases by 7 percent; by age 45 it declines by 87 percent. She is downright angry when she discusses the ways in which women have been hoodwinked. Magazines herald celebrities giving birth to their firstborn in their forties or beyond. No one tells you what her gynecologist told her about those celebrities—those aren’t their eggs. She was dismayed to discover how rare it is for a woman to conceive naturally in her forties. Even those who can afford fertility treatments are often turned away because of their age. At forty, you are too old, the clinic insists. Alexis Stewart’s story has a somewhat happy ending. After painful and expensive (she was paying $27,000 a month) fertility treatments, she did conceive and have a child. Sadly, there will not be more children in Alexis’ future and she feels that loss. She’s made it her mission to get the word out to women that they cannot wait to have children. The clock is ticking. It’s surprising that something so obvious needs to be taught. Rebecca Walker, the daughter of radical (Rebecca says “rabid”) feminist Alice Walker, tells an even more heartbreaking story.  In addition to being instructed on the wisdom of waiting to have children, Rebecca was further taught by her own mother that motherhood was about the worst thing that could happen to a woman. She writes, “My mother's feminist principles coloured every aspect of my life. As a little girl, I wasn't even allowed to play with dolls or stuffed toys in case they brought out a maternal instinct. It was drummed into me that being a mother, raising children and running a home were a form of slavery. Having a career, travelling the world and being independent were what really mattered according to her.” But Rebecca sought out marriage and motherhood anyway, and at age 34 gave birth to a child. To her surprise she discovered that motherhood can make a woman blissfully happy and that children are a blessing. Sadly, after trying to conceive again, at age 38, she is unable. As much as having a child has enriched her life, she regrets that she discovered this joy so late in life. She should have had children when she was younger. And what is Rebecca’s reward for exposing this harmful lie? Her mother will not speak to her, nor will she acknowledge her own grandchild. Rebecca has betrayed the movement and she is paying the price. Ideas truly do have consequences, and sometimes bad ideas are irreversible. Once the window of fertility closes, it closes forever. There are no second chances. I applaud the women who speak this truth.
Angelina Stanford

Angelina Stanford

Angelina Stanford has an MA in English literature from the University of Louisiana, graduating Phi Kappa Phi, and has taught in various Christian classical classrooms for over 20 years.  She is currently teaching the Great Books online to high school students at the Harvey Center for Family Learning and recently joined the online faculty of the Circe Academy.  She’s also the co-star of the popular Circe podcast “Close Reads.”  She has a particular interest in myths, fairy tales, and understanding literature through the study of mythological archetypes and biblical typologies—as well as a mild obsession with the influence of Celtic fairy stories and Celtic Christianity on the development of British literature.  She also has a more than mild obsession with Wendell Berry.​​

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I agree! The irony is that the chemical leeched into the water supply by contraception pills are linked to prostate cancer! How funny that the feminist movement may be somewhat responsible for the removal (sometimes literally) of the 'manhood' (so to speak) of men.

Speak out to other young moms, Donna! This is my mission. Staying home with children is the best choice for them and the family when the financial situation can support it. You did what you had to do at the time and in that way you honored your marriage and your family. What you now know is important to share with other women as you are doing here. Best to you!

I too believed the lie about children and waiting and thought that the best thing for my new marriage to wait a few years before having children. That's what "everyone" said was the best thing to do because children don't enhance a new marriage but detract from it. Unfortunately, that decision led to two years of infertility and the feeling like I too was betrayed. We have been blessed with 4 children (our last through an international adoption), but those two years when we felt like there would be no children was very painful. If I could do it again, there would be no waiting. If anything, children, while exhausting at times, have bonded us together even more.

It may be worth noting that Alexis Stewart had a baby via surrogate born this month.

Thank you for this post. If it's true that the feminist movement has lied to women about how long they can be fertile, the corollary is that it has also tricked women into thinking they can turn their fertility on and off. Long-term use of hormonal contraception correlates with infertility--and not just because women on the pill tend to wait longer to start families. Hormonal contraception can also have dangerous side-effects from an increased risk or certain cancers to stroke. Feminists who really care about women ought to support them making informed choices.

That's a great point, Alison. You're right..

Thank you for this post, Angelina.

Pffft, feminism didn't tell me that I didn't want children OR to pursue a career in a traditionally male dominated field. I knew when I was a child myself that motherhood didn't interest me. And I'm damn good at my job. Been married 25 years to the love of my life, to boot. What I am is grateful that I had the right and the opportunity to pursue my own destiny. When I think that for an accident of birth I could have been stuck with my grandmother's kind of life . . .

Well if we're discussing cherry picking, I would also like to point out that Rebecca Walker is, actually, a feminist. She is considered a founder of third wave feminism, encourages young women to seek leadership roles through her foundation, graduated from Yale, she was a contributing editor of Ms. magazine, and has been awarded many times for her work with feminism and women's rights. Feminism is a general term that encompasses many different beliefs. Again, we don't all burn bras and throw garbage at men. Or selfish boys.

Also, I have spent plenty of time with men. And selfish boys. Enough time to know the difference at least.

Women are not the only ones who fall for the lies of feminism. My husband and I were both raised in conservative Christian homes, with traditional values. I assumed (my mistake) that when we had children that I would stay home and raise those children away from worldly influence. Wrong. My husband made it clear that he expected me to keep my full time job and put the kids in day care where they belonged. It was "better" for me to work. He didn't think I would keep myself busy enough and would get bored and be unproductive.

My children are grown now, but I struggle with the anger of having missed out, of feeling unfulfilled in my maternal role, wishing that I had stood up and refused to work outside the home, envy of friends whose husbands supported them in their role of wife and mother so they could stay home with their children, etc.

AP, we are all guilty of cherry-picking sometimes. But you have to if you want to argue based on the shaky premise that men set the rules.

Good men (and good women) are never free to do whatever they want without consequences. A man with a wife he loves and a child he is proud of is not free... He will lay down his life, work in less than ideal conditions and provide for them. Throughout history, only a lout or a sociopath abandoned his family because he 'felt like it". Many were called away in duty, many found that the best they could offer was not enough, but it was not acceptable to abandon a family.

And if you believe that men feel free when the sometimes desperate weight of providing for 3-12 other people is on their shoulders, you really need to spend time with more MEN. Selfish Boys do not compare.

I wish that more women knew this. I was married at 18, and was pregnant with our first child a few months latter. My husband was in the army, and after our daughter was born, we wanted to wait until he got out, and we settled, to have another baby. When my daughter was 2, my husband was out of the army, and working a wonderful new job. By that fall we had purchased a home, and were ready to have another baby. After 8 months of trying, we finally got pregnant again. It was the longest 8 months of my life. When we tried for a third, I got pregnant right away, and we assumed that our long trial with the second had been a fluke. Our third child is now 3, and we have not been able to have another. My doctor has said that it is a miracle we were able to get pregnant with either of our boys, because my tests are so unfavorable. We feel so blessed to have had 3 children, and so thankfull that we started so early. If we had waited to have children in our 30's, or even late 20's, it may have been too late.

Dear friend you aren't alone. We have all been hurt by feminist lies, ideals and attitudes.
I did lots of praying and the Lord showed me to be patient and trust him. He would change the thinking of others. His timing isn't the same as ours and years went by. I learned many valuable lessons through the things I suffered.

Are you familiar with the book of Titus, 2nd chapter in the New Testament where it speaks of the older women and how they are to teach the younger women to love their husbands and children and be chaste keepers at home?

You are an older woman now and you can teach what is good to younger women. Let the anger go, it will only eat at you and give Satan a foothold in your life. Didn't God say he would restore the years the locust had eaten?

I encourage you, there is still time to fulfill your maternal role as a Titus 2 Woman. There must be young women in church or your neighborhood that need to know what the bible teaches in Proverbs 31 and Titus 2, how they can be keepers at home.
Teach them about time management, how to be thrifty with money, house keeping skills, taking care of children, being patient, loving, joyful, content good homemakers. Teach them to sew their own clothes and about nutrition, menu planning, homemaking skills they can use to better their homes and families. Teach them to care for the sick and elderly, they will have elderly parents to care for someday.

Teach them gardening and how to plant an orchard or vineyard, food preservation, animal husbandry, how to be hospitable, teach manners, etiquette and how to give a tea party. Above all teach them not to be angry or bitter at the things they suffer. Teach them to pray and rise above that with a good and gracious attitude, trusting the Lord to provide for them because he loves them.
May I suggest: or
The best is yet to come.

Blessings, Mrs. J.

You have so much to give, be of good cheer.

I hear what Donna said and it makes me sad. My husband actually wants me to stay home, have babies, and homeschool, and yet he does nothing to make it possible. He makes a poor mans wage, and doesn't try to make more leswhere, leaving me to pick up the slack. Growing up in a home where dad wouldn't even considered mom working outside the home, has made it even harder to respect my husband.

Dearest Kendra, I will pray for you and your husband. I am now blessed with a wonderful husband who completely and utterly supports me being home. I was raised by a feminist and never knew anything but a working mother. I married a man who wasn't christian and neither was I. I always made twice the money he did. Due to his infidelity, I ended up divorced and happy to be a single mother. God had other plans and brought me into His fold, gave me a humble godly man who also made 1/2 of what I did professionally. When I got pregnant 2 months after we married, he asked me what I wanted. I jokingly said, to stay home and raise my children. He said sure! I laughed thinking he was joking, he hugged me and said he was serious. We did some major adjustments over 7 months, only one car, no car loans, paid off all unsecured debt and ended up with only a house payment. That was 15 years ago. I can proudly say, I am still an at home mom at 47 years old. My youngest of 7 children is 4 1/2, my oldest is about to give birth to my second grandchild. I never knew all that God could do... just pray and trust. I do have one piece of advice though, make sure your husband is in control of your complete finances. It was a few years before my husband took over the "purse" strings because I was raised by an accountant and could just do it "better and faster", supposedly. But when I finally gave all of it up and he took it all over, our relationship did an amazing thing! And our finances were much better because he was completely aware of what was happening. He also took "extra" jobs when he could and doesn't spend as "freely" as he used to before. I have no idea if this is what you are facing.... just giving you a story of what I did.


When we were first married I thought he would handle the finances and he didn't, and he thought we had money and could buy what we wanted. I think with the finances we are ok, we discus before we buy and things like that. We now have no debt but a house payment so I am thankful for that as well.
I hope I didn't make it sound like he was lazy or a bad husband because he is not. He just isn't willing to work "extra jobs" and all. Who knows, maybe once we have kids he will want to step up and do more for their sakes. Some men are like that :) And thanks for praying, we all need it at times.

I too was raised this way. I wish I had kept copies of MS Magazine. We had all the originals.Thankfully it's out of print today. After I graduated with a masters degree, I worked full time, got married and had a son that I put in daycare. This is what I was supposed to do. Career was the path to fulfillment. Somehow, I started listening to James Dobson's Focus on the Family Program. That's how I became educated about being a stay-at-home mother. I felt betrayed by my education and feminist upbringing. So when I became pregnant with my second child I quit my job. I was fortunate to have a husband who supported this, even though the financial consequences to us were substantial. I was shocked to learn that I loved being a stay-at-home mom! I was fulfilled and stimulated. The only set back was I was often alone. 95% of the women I knew all worked! I hope the percentages are better today. It's heartbreaking that children are largely being raised in daycare today. I truly believe, no matter how good the daycare, no one loves a child like his parents do.

The idea of perpetuating "you were a mistake so don't do the same" is the saddest. Love, is clearly and painfully absent - A B S E N T ! And I can't even entertain self love either. My mother fell prey to this lie and I still struggle w/some behaviors. Kudos to you women who "counted the cost" to expose a lie that, literally, is killing our girls (feminine genocide?) Ladies are His loveliest gifts to this very ugly world. Again, hats off and many, many blessings to you, His loveliest ladies!

While I believe that feminism has caused many, many problems in society and has greatly contributed to the breakdown of the family, . I can not believe that any woman of even moderate intelligence can fail to realize fertility drops drastically with age! Feminism says that motherhood is not the way to self fulfillment and is not necessary, it doesn't however, say "don't worry, you'll be fertile until you're 50" - are women really trying to say that they didn't know? That the feminist cause said fertility didn't decline and that that's why they put off having children? Please.

Well said. The problem might be that many today think that they can have what they want exactly when they want it and common sense evaporates from their thinking. This chronic problem comes up again and again in our modern world.

Yes! This is one point I am trying to ingrain in my young My daughter tells me she wants to be an astronaut. I say, "that's fine, but who will take care of your babies when you're in space?" If she wants to be in outer space, she shouldn't get married or have children. period.

Common sense should tell us you can not have it all.

Another way we are hoodwinked is through birth control method, pills, patches and sterilization methods i.e tubes tied or vasectomy. I have struggled with this mistake for so long.

What's wrong with you people? Femininity is something that is engendered. Not every women who doesn't have kids becomes depressed and angry. There are plenty of women who totally fulfilled being childless and having fantastic careers. My girlfriend being one such person. And there isn't just one type of femininity, there are several. Radical feminism is just one part of the story, and the way it is described above isn't how it is conducted today. People like you are stuck in the past, when feminism erupted in all of its angry glory (and not without good reason), but it has since calmed down and become very reasonable. Women should be allowed to do whatever they want, just like the guys are. And this blog post doesn't even take into account women who are born infertile. What about them? Are they genetically cursed to live depressed and demeaned lives? Are they less than human because they can't rise to the glorious position of motherhood? Women like you are the reason other women get beat up and treated like infants. And why perfectly capable women are paid less for doing the same jobs as men.

Do some real research and stop cherry picking stories that support your ridiculous ideologies.

Feminism today is about doing whatever you want. Male or female. Also, I really believe that what mothers really need is to stop being at each other's throats. There is a huge range of acceptable parenting. Stay at home moms, working moms, stay at home dads, two working parents. The point is for the children to feel loved and appreciated. Something that I'm sure stay at home parents are capable of failing at and working parents are capable of succeeding at. Having children shouldn't be the be all of being a woman. That leads to feeling of inadequacy similar to what Rebecca Walker felt. Motherhood is a choice, please don't put down women who don't choose it.

And I agree with Jackson. There are many stories of women raised by feminist working parents (men can be feminists too) that have turned out perfectly happy and well balanced. Please don't ignore those.

Jackson, dear, the only reason men are allowed to do whatever they want is because their women aren't having children. So, see, the sexual revolution and feminism really didn't set women free. It merely set men free from women.

I expect this little factoid might confuse you a bit. It's very unlike what you were taught in school. Take your time with it.

Also, just so you know: it is unkind to bring those of us who suffer from barrenness into a discussion of this nature. You cannot imagine the pain and grief of a barren woman. To declare the condition of barrenness, be it inflicted or inborn, a silly trifle is to confuse one of the greatest human sadnesses with a mere paper cut. Tread carefully.

Actually, Grace, the reason that men are allowed to do whatever they want is because, historically, they've set the rules. Your point makes little to no sense. Even when "their" women were having children, men were still the only ones who could work and do whatever they wanted. The sexual revolution allowed women to control their bodies and become just as empowered as men. And, for the record, that doesn't mean that every woman who was or is on the pill is on it to sleep around. It gave them more options than motherhood and opened doors in the corporate world that would have been previously shut. Which may actually be more fulfilling to some women than having children, as shocking as that may sound. Men were always "free from women." A woman has hardly ever held a man back. It's women that are now free from men, should we choose.

I expect this factoid might confuse you a bit. Take your time with it.

Thank you, Jackson. Thank you, AP. You two are the voices of reason. These others are making up "feminism" as they go along.

I went to a feminist high school in the '80s and was never taught us that raising children was bad. I was taught that historically, women have been denied fair wages and opportunities due to our biology and that was wrong. Every woman deserves the right to be able to decide her own path. There is more than one way to find fulfillment and purpose.

Also, it takes 4 years to get a degree and 2 to get a trade. If some numbskull gets a degree then waits 15 extra years to have children, that is not the fault of feminism. My feminist teachers never said wait until you're old to make babies. I was taught that it is not wise to skip education and put all your eggs in one basket ("I don't need a skill. I am going to be a mommy. My hubby will support me.")

It's true that there are many facets to feminism, and it would be unfair to suggest that every woman who identifies as a feminist is a radical feminist. However, it is extremely offensive to suggest that these women (who feel that the acceptance of feminism has marginalized the traditional roles of women as strong wives, mothers, and homemakers) "are the reason other women get beat up" and "are paid less for doing the same jobs as men". If anything, these women are trying to say that feminism should be about expanding female opportunities, whereas many of us believe that our opportunities have merely shifted.

Jackson and others,
I think what the ladies here are sharing about is living a selfless life vs a selfish life. Anyone who lives completely for their own glory will end up being depressed and unfulfilled. But, the person who gives their life to others, be it children, or their parish or the homeless... Giving their life to God brings true fulfillment and understanding.

If a woman creates a child for the sole purpose of bringing herself joy and pleasure, how is that selfless? I know a diabetic woman who created two diabetic children (she knew they would be) because she wanted babies. I would not WISH diabetes on the children of my worst enemies, but she had no problem with it. Passing on her genes was what mattered, as opposed to adopting. Selfish woman. Selfish mother.

@Jackson.. it is quite likely that your girlfriend has not reached the time in her life where she really knows what she wants. Do not be too surprised when you find out she really does want children.

People always bring this up. "Just wait. Everyone wants kids." Not always true.

- Joyfully childless by choice at 39

This is a very important article! There are seasons in our lives as women, and we need to recognize that and honor that. We can cherish being women for all that that means-all that sets us apart from men and makes us 'feminine'. I am a tomboy at heart, but I like to get in touch with my feminine side too. I (with my husband) raise my son to be chivalrous-he doesn't think it's a good idea to let ladies go first at 4 years old, but we'll keep working on it! I also raise my daughter to embrace being a woman. She doesn't need to be 'silent, barefoot and pregnant' but she can speak her mind, be in a respectful marriage and have as many babies as God will allow. I hope both of my children cherish family and take care of it first-of course that means not starting one until they are each ready to care for it in the best way possible. Family is important and gender roles are a part of that. Great article!! Thank you for writing it.

Years ago I was at a swanky party, all very liberal. I felt like an oddity. Anyway, I struck up a conversation with a psychologist whose speciality was working with women who suffer from depression because they have delayed marriage/childbirth! I couldn't believe it. She said the very same thing this article is pointing out. Women bought into the lie that happiness lay in career fulfillment, but very often it doesn't. And the biological clock is ticking and then they realize the opportunity is gone and for what? Nothing that deep down is valuable. Her advice was that women should have children when they are younger and then when the kids are in school, the woman can work. This psychologist was coming from a very secular, contemporary point of view, but because of her experience dealing with so many depressed career women longing for children, she'd come to to the conclusion that women were being fed a lie by society.

Here's a totally secular article and says the same exact thing.

I think we all bought the materialist lie. All my single men friends were waiting for that Perfect Barbie Woman and the women were waiting for That Handsome Godly Man, (although all of us were pretty much average). Meanwhile we were busy climbing the corporate ladder and accumulating more and more stuff. None of us married until we well into our 30's. None of us have more than one child, and many of us wives were expected to work outside the home - mostly for cash flow.

I have purposefully sought out moments for conversations with my son, encouraging him to seek out a godly girl and marry young - even (gasp) if they are both still in college! I'll still help with tuition! What else is all that $$$ good for? I want him to enjoy the blessing of children and come home with lots of grandbabies for me to love!

I understand what this article is trying to say, however it almost comes off as a form of punishment for some woman. I have to say I am a little upset somewhat because the outcome for every woman is not as ideal as you put it. I know a Christian woman who got married at the age of 23. Since then she has been unable to conceive. In over ten years. She is heart broken over this yet still trying. Another scenario, not every Christian woman is blessed with marriage at the young age of 20. I dreamed of being married with kids by the time I was 25. I know someone who prayed for years to be married. They did not get married till they were 31. Is this the result of a consequence in their thinking? There are many women out there who love the Lord and wish for a husband and children at a young age. But it just doesn't happen the way they want. What about them. This article was a hard one for me to read because I feel like it is coming off as a form of punishment for some woman out there who may be reading this. Somebody please help me understand these scenarios I gave.

The focus of my blog post was very narrow. I wrote a warning to women who are intentionally delaying having children. I didn't speak about women in other scenarios because it was outside the scope of my post. I have a great deal of compassion for women who would like to have children (or more children, or children when they are young, etc.) but cannot--for whatever reason. What I wrote should in no way be considered a condemnation of those women. Those women were not the intended audience.


Another way that feminism has hurt society is by making finding a truly faithful man who is oriented toward marriage and family very hard to find!! While I agree with this article, it's also articles like these that give me panic attacks and make me want to completely give up hope :-( I'm already twenty eight years old and still not married, and it's not for lack of prayer. Thanks for your article and please pray for all the young ladies out there looking for a good Christian husband.

Jennifer, my sister in law married my younger brother at your age... She is three years his senior. God has a plan for each of us. Have faith.

Thanks very much, Amy, for your encouragement!

Are you serious?! Feminism isn't about telling women they can't have children, it's about giving women equal rights and the power to make life decisions for themselves. I'm sorry that certain people have been taught that motherhood is a terrible thing - obviously, for many people, it's a wonderful thing - but it's also not the only way for a woman to have a fulfilling life. Please understand the subject you're discussing before you judge an entire set of principles that have contributed so much to human rights.

Feminism is absolutely wrong and from the pit of Hell. The life it promotes is 100% anti-Bible and 100% anti-God. The women who are "fulfilled" through a career and no children, are experiencing the temporal joys of selfishness, not the eternal joys of following God's plan for women.

I'm not sure if feminism is from "the pit of hell" (whatever that is), but as Christians we cannot argue that anything is "absolutely wrong." That's a heretical teaching itself.

i'm sure you mean your words kindly, but you might want to reconsider the way you expressed them.

Women become feminists because they want something good. We would argue that they are trying to get it from the wrong source, but to argue that it is 100% anti-Bible and 100% anti-God would be unblblical and ungodlike.

The more helpful path might be to find out the good that each particular real woman (as opposed to the univocal category of nonperson we can contain under the title "feminist") wants and to help them see how our Loving, Kind, and Gentle God promises it to them.

For example, let's suppose a particular woman (let's call her Gloria because I think that is an awesome name) wants to work full time because she has been hurt by the male dominance in her life and can't trust men. There are lots of them.

Consequently, what she really wants is for her name to be realized. She wants to be treated honorably. We should want that. We are the Image of God and it hurts us to be so much less than we are. We are supposed to be honored.

Her trouble is not that she wants to be honored. It's that she, like the early Achilles, believes that her desire for honor can somehow be satisfied by unfaithful, unsteady, unreliable humans. Well, everybody eventually finds out, one way or another, that it can't.

Only God can give us the honor He made us to receive. Until we seek honor from Him, we will be unfulfilled, unhappy, unsatisfied, envious, and/or angry, but certainly hurt.

I believe that feminism is, for many real women, a cry of agony. If we hear their cry and tell them that they are absolutely wrong, 100% anti-Bible, and 100% anti-God, not only have we ignored their hearts (and thus added pain to pain), we have also misrepresented God to them and put yet another barrier between them and the God who wants to make them His bride.

When the mother of our Lord went to the temple, she met Simeon who saw the baby and said, "a sword will pierce your soul." In this, the one who said that "all generations will call me blessed" is a type of every mother and of every virgin. To be a woman, mother or motherless, is to be pierced in your soul by the pain of shared suffering.

Your joy and fulfillment is in that pain. Our Lord will honor you for embracing it and He will suffer with you in it.


Thank you for taking the time to respond. The Bible is clear that women are not to teach or usurp authority over a man, so... I'm just going to have to say I disagree and leave it at that.

I believe it was St. Paul that said that and I think he was discussing matters of the Church. To usurp means to seize something without right.
I would say in that context, you are correct. To say that a woman is not to teach a male, no I don't agree with that.Godly, or even wholesome moral women can and should teach males. For example, a good mother teaches her sons many things. Some important lessons they learn from her is how to treat a lady and what to look for in a wife. (Thank God I didn't learn from my mother).
Women, you are teaching boys by word, deed, actions and demonstration daily. You are either teaching them how to be good husbands and fathers, or you are teaching them how to be louses.

Jennifer and Rebecca,

My husband and I have 8 children; the oldest of whom is our 27 year old daughter who is not married but has always wanted to be. She is petite, blonde and very pretty. She is a culinary marvel who cooks like a dream. She is discouraged about finding Mr. Right!

I tell her and other young women today that I believe you all are living in a very difficult time for marriage minded people BECAUSE of the feminist agenda. Christian men have been influenced by the lies as well and are not maturing as rapidly nor seeking marriage as a good thing. You are living in the rubble of the feminist war and it is awful.

The pool for godly marriage minded men is much smaller. God can still work and He IS working but Christian women today who want to get married face a unique challenge. Except for war time when there was a serious shortage of husbands, there has not been a problem like this before.

The good news is is that it can be turned around in a generation. Also, single women can make marriage appealing by being appealing themselves, developing character and skills that will make young men wish they were married!

We also have a 24 year old son who has sought to be married. It is a challenge for him as well! Feminism has infected everyone.

We are to continue to obey God whatever circumstance we find ourselves in, to be busy with His work and serve the body of Christ. We can all find great fulfillment and joy as we follow Jesus!


Wow, thank you for actually acknowledging my comment. I really appreciate this. Thank you for your encouragement too. You are right and I agree with you. This can be turned around in a generation. I didn't mention this in my comment but I have a beautiful daughter, a gift even through my bitterness that I can't thank the Lord enough for. I will be doing everything in my effort to encourage her to seek a Godly man at a young age as well as go to school and get her education in. I believe Christians can marry and still be in college. People put this as such a big deal and it really isn't. Bottom line here, is I guess I got a little frustrated with this article in the sense where they over-looked another entire category. The ones who were not blessed with marriage at a young age but has so desperately longed for this like every other Christian out there. But I do agree, the Lord still does work through our lives, and as much as we want to do things our way, we really should be obeying him. Thank you for your encouragement Jill.

Thanks for listening and for your encouragement. I'm doing all I can to honor the Lord in my single life at the moment and continue to pray to meet the man He has for me.

This article certainly touches a nerve with some people. I can only speak about my own life. I dont think that this article is meant to single people out or hurt people's feelings. I don't believe that it is saying that motherhood is for everyone and that a woman can't be fulfilled otherwise (look at women who chose a convent over other choices) I think that it is saying that if you DO want to be a mother, and are in a meaningful relationship, don't wait to have children because often times you can't once you are "ready." I think that it is more pointing out a serious flaw in our culture, that is the When I want it attitude. Depression comes when things don't go our way, and we act the spoiled child. Motherhood isn't for everyone, but is the best thIng that I have ever been blessed with. Stay at home moms don't want to be looked down upon for being a stay at home mom.