Cheryl Lowe on Teaching Math

Jan 18, 2008
Cheryl Lowe has strong opinions about how math needs to be taught and, unlike so many in the so-called math wars, hers are grounded in her experiences of learning and teaching math. She discusses the history of these math wars and her view on how math should be taught and how it has long been taught in a CD I was listening to this morning called What The Trivium Teaches About Teaching Math. If you are involved in teaching math or choosing a math curriculum, you need this talk.
Andrew  Kern

Andrew Kern

Andrew Kern is the founder and president of The CiRCE Institute and the co-author of the book, Classical Education: the Movement Sweeping America

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Question. Are you just advertising or are you actually trying to contribute to the community? If the latter is true, please link me to a torrent or location where I can get the CD for free.

Just advertising on the assumption that I cannot contribute to the community if I am paid for the labor I do on its behalf. ; )