Forging a Likeness: A Contemplation of Imitation

Jul 16, 2014 to Jul 19, 2014
Houston, TX

The most important thing every teacher should understand is that teaching is the art of being imitated. If you want a student to perceive a truth, you have to embody it. That’s what teaching is. When you teach, whether you intend to or not, you are saying to your students, “imitate me”.

Make yourself worthy of imitation.

You can teach with any method you like, but the only way your student will become truly virtuous is if you, as his teacher or parent, embody Truth.

As he acquires Virtue, he will become free, he will be able to rule himself. He won’t need you anymore. The person who perceives the Truth can bring his own soul into harmony because he knows to what he should pay attention.

This is why the CiRCE theme for 2014, all the way up through our conference, is Imitation.

Modern educational theory is driven by method and process, by science and data. It’s not working. If we’re going to cultivate wisdom and virtue, if we’re going to be truly classical and truly Christian, then we need to focus instead on embodying the Truth, Goodness, and Beauty that we wish our students to themselves embody. We need to teach our students to gaze on the True, Good, and Beautiful, so that they can gaze on Him who is most True, most Good, and most Beautiful.

Then, blessed, they can be fully realized human beings, free from the shackles of a culture that undercuts their humanness and disregards the Imago Dei within them. So that their souls will be transformed,

Let us attend.

Be inspired. Be challenged. Be renewed.